Why you only buy 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide

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Why never buy less than 35% Concentration Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

     35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a very powerful chemical due to oxygen content. "Food Grade" has a specific meaning and that is why it is specifically recommended in all legitimate publications and studies about hydrogen peroxide for health usage and for eliminating toxic chemicals from your life and home. "Food Grade" means it meets both government and Codex standards to not have the health destroying heavy metals, contaminants and stabilizers found in many other grades of hydrogen peroxide and other peroxides. 
     Most forms of hydrogen peroxide and other peroxide are manufactured for heavy industry and industrial usage. Less than 1% of hydrogen peroxide that is manufactured is "food grade." Accordingly, there are forms of hydrogen peroxide and other peroxides that have many other substances including extremely harmful additives that apply to their specific industrial usage, to extend shelf or storage  life, prevent freezing, and to reduce the costs of manufacturing the hydrogen peroxide as it does not have to be pure for industrial usage. "Food grade" specifically means it is safe for food processing, which then means safe for consumption.
     Unfortunately, the extremely harmful heavy metals, stabilizers and other impurities in industrial peroxides are tasteless and odorless. Some peroxides also have massive levels of free-radicals. "Food grade" has none of those.

       If a seller is buying cheap industrial peroxide or emptying discount store hydrogen peroxide or whatever else they can get cheap or otherwise into bottles falsely label as "Food Grade," they know you can not tell the different. Many of those stabilizers, heavy metals and other impurities become trapped in human body's fatty tissue and across time can cause horrific and ultimately fatal health damage. The damage free-radicals causes to a person's health also is well documented. Years from now, the person would have no clue why their body is so rapidly deteriorating and their health collapsing.
     Nearly all 3% to 32% offered online is NOT made from 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Even if it is, the dilution means you are just paying to ship water.  That raises the size or number of the bottles that together cost more plus higher packaging and shipping costs?
The False Excuses, Claims and Diversions Made For Not Having 35% F.G. H2o2
Most Common False Claim
How To Spot FAKE 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Ads On The Internet
     It is easy to spot listings and websites you should consider their "food grade hydrogen peroxide" that is not 35% as being a high risk and potentially very harmful. If the company or seller does not also have 35% to sell anywhere online, the odds are high that the seller does not have reduced 35% to a lesser concentration. Since 1983 we have watched the problem of fraudulent websites for health and dietary products come to dominate the Internet. Because FAKE products are cheap, they instead spend their money on advertising to get to the top of search engines figuring no one can detect their fraud.
Home Based Online Sellers
      This information page is not to demean home based online sellers. Home based online sellers offer a tremendous diversity of products otherwise not available and wonderfully improve consumers options and choices. However, you NEVER want to buy any product you put on or in your body from a home-based seller for how great the risk is.
Fake Product Home-based sellers make outlandish claims relying that consumers lack technical knowledge. Such scams tend to fill their website with nonsensical highly technical sounding language hoping consumers will be impressed.
Will have a very short list of products focusing all their advertising on the only 1 or 2 products they make themselves.
Will try to portray themselves as a major company, often posting photos of a location that is not theirs.

They will advertise in sponsored searches heavily to be at the top of the page to prevent anyone seeing warnings such as this.

While claiming low prices, they will be the highest priced to cover their advertising costs claiming their product is superior for technical reasons. To support this, the home-based merchant will give highly technical information with outlandish claims that sound real and sounds impressive.

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Fraudulent Health & Dietary Products Sold Online Is At Epidemic Levels Fraudulent Health &  Dietary Products Sold Online Is At Epidemic Levels
                      Fraudulent Health & Dietary Products Sold Online Is At Epidemic Levels
 A recent study found that over 80% of consumable health and dietary products sold online by home-based sellers do not contain ANY of the ingredients claimed on the website or in the label. Many instead have very harmful ingredients. Usually they portray themselves as a major corporation or industry - when in fact they are selling out of a garage, storage unit or apartment. They spend their money on advertising making any and all false claims and often charging very high prices. Their singular goal is to get money anyway possible and have no regard for how their deception may harm anyone. Usually, in a year or two they will change their company name and start over.
     Fraudulent home-based sellers are flooding the Internet. This seriously endangers people's health - particularly since many health product consumers are already battling health issues.
     Please help us spread the word that 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is still available, legal, and to avoid buying from anyone making false claims.
     Health conscious consumer participation and acting to keep facts accurate to protect 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is critical to 35% remaining available. The more people who refuse to buy the so-called "reduced" concentrations of whatever-really-is-in-the-bottle by corrupt sellers nor buying from home-based scamsters, the safer future is for 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide remaining available to health conscious people. If too much sold online is fake and dangerous, the government may intervene.
Thank you for taking the time to look over this...
...and hopefully you will help spread the truth in your blogs, on the social network, YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere. Keeping truthful info known online is important. Exposing false information matters.

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