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Welcome to our Discounts & Specials Page.


We sell and distribute private labeled 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, dietary and health supplements to top wholesalers, retailers and the best known names in the field of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, dietary and health supplements. We also inventory for other companies. The labels on our products on this website are generic for these reasons.

 All are VERY fresh and the finest quality in the world. We are not selling expired or near expired products. The quality is impeccable and the retail prices under private labeling for other companies – who tend to present the products as their own inventory - are significantly higher. This also may explain why product titles and descriptions are similar to many different companies on the generic labels used for this Discounts & Specials website. We do NOT offer near-expiration overstock.

By selling tons of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (in the industry hydrogen peroxide is actually measured by weight, not volume) per month of absolutely prime AAA Certified 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, not only can the prices be reduced for everyone but as important the inventory is continually being restocked. Direct sales avoids the delays (and heat) involved in shipping to the distributor's warehouse where it sits, then shipped to the retailer's warehouse where it sits and final to the retailer's shelf where it sits. Much of what you see sold online and in health stores under various private labels originates from us. The finest 35% TRUE FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE in bulk costs many times more than regular peroxides - but TRUE FOOD GRADE is what you want - and only what you want - for health and any food (cleaning, pets, agriculture, gardening) and contact (such as baths and pools) application.

This is a collective effort to ensure legitimate 35% Food Grade Peroxide remains available online.
There is a growing problem of people selling hydrogen peroxide out of their apartments, garage and small shops. They use stock template software with stock photos to appear a legitimate business. Most are offering to reduced concentration calling it "food grade" - meaning they are watering the peroxide down. You have no manner to know if it really is expensive food grade or cheap industrial grade. Nor how they are diluting it. Many are mailing the orders - which is highly illegal and they know it. Peroxides can never be mailed through the USPS nor in ordinary shipments left at your door. If they will commit felonies in shipping, why would you believe they would spend 300% more for food grade peroxide or anything but tap water?

 These are very serious matters for many reasons - both your health and to keep legitimate Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide legally available. Many people have been hurt in the past by such illegal and disreputable practices.


It is rare that the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide we offer is more than 7 days old from bottling and shipped and never more than 14 days. After bottling it is stored refrigerated until shipped to you. A few days of  refrigeration is necessary to allow the TRUE 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to “settle” due to not having stabilizers. Individuals that falsely label lesser grades of hydrogen peroxide as “food grade” do not have to do so because their peroxide actually contains very dangerous stabilizers to allow extremely long warehouse storage life. The vast majority of peroxides produced are strictly only for industrial usages and must not be used for any health considerations.

The higher the volume sales of true 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, the lower the prices we and retailers can offer TRUE 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to everyone and the stock rotation is almost instant - so everyone wins. Remember, we are selling TRUE AAA 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. This pricing reduction through volume applies to all health supplements we offer on our Discounts & Specials. All dietary and health supplements offered on this website are produced in F.D.A. registered and licensed facilities. (Exception - the FDA does not set standards for food grade hydrogen peroxide and has not approved of it for health usage. The standard for "Food Grade" is set by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture and the industry by the Chemical Codex.)

This also means if you see something you like here today, buy it and stock up. With rare exception, dietary and health supplements will last WAY beyond expiration dates as they assume the worst (meaning HOT) storage conditions. But again, nothing we offer is anything but VERY fresh. All have over 1 year prior to expiration and most 2 years or more. Salts, calcium, and Sea Soak (c) essentially last forever if kept dry.

What is offered on this Specials & Discounts page may not be here next week or next month. Hydrogen peroxide production is very energy intense so prices tend to always go up, not down, as do shipping costs. But also bookmark this page and check back for additional new products. If you are looking for the best prices for THE GOOD STUFF (why would you buy anything else for your health?) you've found it.
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We offer free private labeling for orders of 12 quarts or 8 gallons or more at no additional charge. Private labeling assures that customers return to you and have your contact information on the labels.


Private means we will put your company name or logo as you provide on the top front of the label. We also could change lettering color (1 color) to any basic color for wording. For numerous reasons the label otherwise will generally remain worded the same. You simply email your logo or company name to us. This generally adds only 1 day to shipping. Your company name or logo can be in solid colors or graphics, but not fine photographic detailing. We suggest keeping it very simple. If you want private labeling, just give us a call.


We will not put usage information or sales info on private labeling for reasons of liability. However, you may provide such information on your website address for usage information that you have on the label plus other contact information you wish to provide We would add your website and/or email address on the label if you wish so that all inquiries and future orders are directed only to you.


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A special thank you to all those who contribute to the growing knowledge base for usages and benefits of food grade hydrogen peroxide. If you know of an application we do not list, drop us an email. We'd be glad to give you knowledge and give you credit if you wish. Thank you.
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