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Free Small Tokens of Our Appreciation
With 16 ounce, 32 ounce and 1 gallon purchases of 120ppm Colloidal Silver ordered on this page
Kennedy Half Dollar with 16 Ounce* Eisenhower Dollar* with 32 Ounce* Kennedy & Eisenhower with Gallon*
*Circulated coins, random years - click here for details
                                                           BRIEF DISCUSSION OF SILVER'S HISTORY
     Silver has been a highly sought out precious metal across recorded history. Many great empires and countries used silver, not gold, for their economy. From the Greece and Persia, to India and Germany, silver based commerce and economies were worldwide. For centuries, often a person's most prized and valuable possession was a solid silver tea set that would be showcased and kept polished to a mirror finish. A silver set on a tray was a must for a home of quality and represented success. Of the many special traits of silver, silver would absorb and release heat easily so stirring a hot cup of tea or coffee with a silver spoon would have a cooling effect that other metal spoons would not have. It was also believed this purified the tea, a belief tracing back to antiquity and the belief that silver combated evil forces including diseases. We now know that was not an entirely wrong superstition as silver is one of the most powerful of all biocides.
     Throughout antiquity, silver was also believed to have the power to destroy evil, which also is what they thought was the source of diseases. The most well-known was the belief that silver would kill vampires - purely evil creatures. Ancient peoples often came to understand various natural cures and remedies without understanding why they worked, so they assigned mystical powers to certain metals, herbs, roots and other natural remedies. In many cultures, silver was at the top of the list of magical substances. It has only been in recent history that the extremely powerful anti-bacterial effects of colloidal silver has been understood. It is even used to assure purify water on the International Space Station, having none of the toxic traits of chlorine and other chemical water purification.

     To this day, trace amounts of silver are often used in Hindu (India) foods and if you visit an Indian (Hindu) deli usually you will find desserts that you can see the silver in - a very ancient practice. What did they know for over 2,000 years that modern science only recently discovered about the biocidal factor of silver?
     Somewhere in this all, silver was also considered also to be lucky. The practice of carrying a silver coin for good luck or to flip to solve indecisions or settle a difference between people was a common practice. 
     The greatest silver discovery in the USA was the great California Comstock mine. While you may have heard of the great California gold rush, that was largely false and a scam to try to convince Easterners to settle the Western USA. The Comstock silver mine, however, produced such great qualities of silver that Germany had to go off their silver standard before their economy was ruined.
     Both gold and silver are not rare for earth. Rather they are rare at the surface. It is believed the core of the earth has a wide band of liquid gold and liquid silver ringing the entire earth that is very thick. It is liquid due to the great heat deep inside the earth. Because both are very heavy metals and have relatively low melting temperatures, it is believed across time most silver and gold sunk deep into the earth, with only volcano's and tectonic plate movement bringing up veins or shooting the metals out here and there making both rare.
     The great Comstock mine silver veins seemed to go on forever. However, the deeper the mine shafts went following the silver veins, the hotter working the mines became plus they faced a growing flooding problem. Ultimately the shafts became so deep and extensive that pumps could not longer keep up with the water flooding nor supply sufficient cool air to deal with the temperatures that without a huge air flow could reach over 200 degrees. The deeper you go underground the hotter it is. Finally the Comstock had to be shut down as they could go no deeper.
     Silver has highly desirable traits for various industries that assure its continued value. While it can tarnish, it does not rust.  By alloying, it also can be made quite hard, where gold is very soft, so silver also can double-duty for structural support.It is an excellent conductor of electricity. While gold also is excellent for electrical conductivity and also does not corrode, silver has one more unique trait that gold and other metals lack. Silver is very anti-bacterial and naturally a very powerful biocide.This not only applies to health topics, but also to any system for which contamination is not tolerable - particularly for electronics, computers and electrical systems that must not be contaminated.  The powerful natural biocide effect of pure natural silver is why your colloidal silver will never spoil nor does it decay (rust away) so your colloidal silver will as pure and potent 100 years from now as the day you receive it.
     Silver is currently the most popular investment and collectable precious metal, not gold, and historically had demonstrated superior price stability.
Token of appreciation with 16 Ounce 120ppm Colloidal Silver
Circulated (some wear) Kennedy Half Dollar
Random years, not necessarily as in picture
     Kennedy Half Dollar - free with 16 ounce colloidal silver purchase on this website (plus we reduced the price too for this sale): The Free Kennedy half dollar is a circulated (meaning some wear) random year coin added as a token of our appreciation with your order. As a real US coin it is worth 50 cents. As a collectable around a dollar. It is a silver clad (plated) coin.
     When first released they were highly sought after around the world and the first issues had high silver content. Soon, however, with silver costs skyrocketing the cost too much for the government to make in silver - since they are just a 50 cent piece - so became silver plated over a copper/zinc alloy, which is what your coin will be.
     Personally, they are a quite beautiful coin and are likely to go up in value over time. They are a nice novelty item and possibly a good means to raise a history discussion with children or a political discussion of how much government and society has changed since the "Camelot Era" of President John F. Kennedy.
Token of appreciation with 32 Ounce 120ppm Colloidal Silver 
Circulated (some wear) Kennedy Half Dollar
Random years, not necessarily as in picture

 President Eisenhower was commander of all Allied forces in World War II and subsequently was elected president. He is possibly most known for developing the US Interstate system and undertaking racial integration of the US military, among other accomplishments.

     If you are older and visited casinos, you probably handled many an Eisenhower silver dollar, which is a heavy silver clan coin, not pure silver. The Eisenhower silver dollar is often called the "slots dollar" as it was the high dollar slot machine bet before most slots now are coin free and issue only paper slips. In fact, the coins we are shipping are all former Casino coins. Since severely worn coins looked bad and could jam their slot machines, they are in good condition for circulated coins.

     It is a large, heavy coin and grandparents still like to give them to grandchildren because they seems so substantial and special.
Token of appreciation with each 1 Gallon of 120ppm Colloidal Silver
Circulated (some wear) Kennedy Half Dollar & Eisenhower Dollar
Random years, not necessarily as in picture 
We did NOT raise prices with this sale. We dramatically lowered the price.

Genuine 1 Oz U.S. Government Mint .999 Lady Liberty - American Eagle Silver Dollar in Gift Box
This is the real thing from the US Mint plus in a US Mint Presentation Box


2017 Uncirculated (NEW-PERFECT CONDITION) Liberty Lady - American Eagle Silver Dollar
Official U.S. Mint Issued .999 Pure Silver Dollar - 1 Troy Ounce

Plus a United States Mint Gift Box is Included with YOUR 1 Troy Ounce .999 Pure Silver Dollar!
Only with gallon orders & limited to 1 per gallon - LIMITED SUPPLY
     2017 American Eagle - Liberty Lady Pure Silver Dollar - Limited of 1 each with each gallon of colloidal silver (plus we reduced the price too for this sale):: This is a true free gift of real value. Our free coin special for gallons ordered online on our colloidal.htm page only is a genuine 100% real silver 1 troy ounce .999 silver dollar issued by the US Mint and in perfect, uncirculated form. They are a beautiful coin with the images to celebrate both the United States as a nation (American Eagle side) and to celebrate our freedoms (Lady Liberty side).
     Currently they are the most popular form of precious metals collecting for investment and retirement value. Considered so stable the government allows people to save these American Eagle/Lady Liberty coins for their IRA. (Speak with an expert how to do so if interested.)
     This the real thing. No a reproduction or copy. A new, uncirculated original U.S. Mint issued .999 Silver dollars, not fakes nor the non-Mint collector images coins. It is solid silver, not plated. While non-mint silver dollars are interesting, they are not the real thing and few actually are pure silver but rather are a silver alloy.
You also receive a wonderful US Mint issued gift box along with your pure silver dollar. These make a great gift and tend to get far more attention and recognition than another gift you could give in the $30 range. People will forget who gave them the Corning ware or knickknack, but will always remember who gave them such a beautiful silver coin - plus the date reminds of when.
     People forget who gave them what gift in the past and are soon garage sale or thift store items worth next to nothing. This is a gift that likely will only go up in value and they will keep. It is particularly a wonderful gift for children and grandchildren. The coin reminds of the date you gave it and you can include a small personal note under the coin or even write it on the box or black felt bottom with a white liquid paper pen such as "from Grandma & Grandpa 2017 - YOUR Lucky Silver Dollar!"short personal note. 50 years from now they will still have that coin, while any toys, electronics or clothes you gave long since forgotten and thrown away. They'll even show it to their children decades from now, telling who it came from. There is no more dramatic and memorable gift you can give for only $30, which buys about nothing special these days, nor that goes up in value over time rather than down. It certainly has more meaning and thought behind it than a gift card.

     THIS IS OFFERED AT OUR COST AS THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DISCOUNT OR WHOLESALE US MINT SILVER DOLLARS. Our price is what the Silver dollar and official US Mint presentation box costs us. We make no profit on this.

 We are not a coin dealer, but are very much into pure silver. We think some of our customers and clients might like to have one and we have some to spare.
In addition to using very costly nano-size pure silver particles to begin the production process (not cheap and contaminated recycled sterling alloys), a US Mint pure silver dollar is added to each production batch for "luck." Those are significantly stripped of pure silver in the production and are not the coins we are offering as those used in production are damaged.  We thought some of our customers and clients might like this as a gift for someone special or to have themselves.
2017 1 Troy Ounce US Mint Lady Liberty - American Eagle Silver Dollar & Presentation Box

Note: Only Available with Gallon Purchase of120ppm colloidal silver from this website
1 per gallon maximum -  Limited Supply
Lost Shipment reimbursement?

While our customers are honest, it is not always the customer who opens a received box. Large silver coins might be very tempting to some people.
IF the Post Office, FedEx or UPS shows that your order was delivered to the address that you provided, you are agreeing that you are not entitled to a reimbursement or replacement of your order, including the coin. So be certain that you provide your CURRENT delivery address. You will receive the tracking number by email (check your spam email box too) to know when it is arriving.
Orders for gallons with the 2017 Liberty Lady - American Eagle included with be individually supervised as filled and the supervisor initialing the back of the shipping label immediately before the box is sealed and labeled. Your order will be shipped signature required.
Orders with the 2017 Liberty Lady - American Eagle will be sent SIGNATURE REQUIRED to the address you provided. Orders with the Kennedy half dollar or Eisenhower dollar will be sent delivery confirmation, but no signature due to the fee charge required unless a very large order.

If you fail to sign for the package and it returned we will deduct the cost of shipping from a refund unless we entered the address you gave us incorrectly. Do not order unless you are certain you want the product and can be available for delivery.

By ordering you are agreeing that if your order is delivered according to the shipping company (UPS or the USPS) to the address that you provided it is agreed that no reimbursement or resending of the 2017 coin or gift box will be provided. So please make certain you give us your correct address and that whoever might sign for it is someone you completely trust.
While rare, packages are lost in shipping even if you gave us the correct address.
We are not coin dealers and do not have an endless supply of these coins. If the USPS or a shipping company loses your order (very rarely happens), we will replace it. However, we may opt to instead refund the declared coin values stated: $1 for Kennedy half dollar, $2 for Eisenhower dollar, and $30 for the 2017 Lady Liberty - American Eagle coin. Again, this is only if the shipping company loses your order. If the USPS or shipping company confirms delivery to you at the address that you provided it is agree that it is considered as having been received.

These coin offerings are
only available for orders placed online on our purehealthdiscounts colloidal.htm webpage and only until the expiration of the special offering. It does not apply to colloidal silver sales that appear on other websites.
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