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What Color Is Colloidal Silver? What is Colloidal Silver? Evolution of Fake Colloidal Silver Sold Online Use Common Sense
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This is not the FAKE 500ppm to 10,000 ppm fraud orhomemade Ionic Silver falsely labeled as Colloidal Silver sold online.
The 5 Types of Colloidal Silver Sold Online
The Truth About Colloidal Silver To Know When Shopping
What you don't know can hurt you
We added a new webpage to explain to you the different types of products sold online as colloidal silver.
What is colloidal Silver? How is it made? Who is making it? What should you look for when shopping for colloidal silver?
This is very important information. Please take a few minutes to inspect our new section. You life is worth it.

     There are now pop-ads and paid ads offering what is claimed to be 500ppm to 10,000ppm colloidal silver for as much as $400 per quart. It is a total fraud and is called "Silver Protein." There is no such thing as 10,000ppm colloidal silver. The contents literally would have to be 10% solid silver, which is nonsensical.  The "silver protein" scam (falsely labeled as "colloidal silver") are homemade products made by just mixing silver powder with gelatin to suspend the silver in - and then adding this to water. It is completely worthless and no more beneficial than rubbing a silver dollar against your skin. Learn more about that scam to avoid it.

      Dozens of people also are now using $100 electrolysis kits to make what they bottle and label as colloidal silver and selling on websites and blogs. It is not colloidal silver. What are they really making in their kitchen or garage and selling online labeled as colloidal silver?

      What color is REAL colloidal silver? There are websites that claim it is tan, brown, yellow, green, and gray. One impressive looking website even claims it turns gray after you open the bottle. Our new section explains what color REAL colloidal silver is - and why.

       What warning signs should you watch for in buying online any health product you would put into your body?

       So our regular customers and clients do not have to scroll past information they already know before ordering, we explain this and more in our New Truth About Colloidal Silver Page. Please take a few minutes to review it, You will be glad you did.  

The Truth About Colloidal Silver. 5 Types of Colloidal Silver. Color of real Colloidal Silver & More!
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Who you buy health and dietary products from online now is the most importance question of all.  

      Pure Health Discounts is a source you can trust since 1983. We supply health, dietary and other products to over 1,000 retail brick-and-mortar retail health stores, natural health grocery stores, laboratories, major corporations, universities, and even government agencies, plus hundreds of other businesses and many tens of thousands of health conscious consumers who take an active role in their own health decisions as you do.

A recent study found that over 80% of health products sold on the Internet do not contain any of the claimed ingredients. Websites, Amazon listings and EBay listing for 250ppm, 500ppm, 3600ppm, 5000ppm and 10,000ppm colloidal silver are ALL fraudulent products. Most homemade health and dietary products sold online are falsely labeled and complete frauds.
                    We are offering TRUE Colloidal Silver made the CORRECT WAY at temporary seriously reduced prices.
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Colloidal Silver
2 Ounces
120ppm .9999 silver
Colloidal Silver W/ Dropper Cap
Regular price: $21.95
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$10.71 plus $3.81 S&H

4 Ounces
120ppm .9999 silver
Colloidal Silver W/ Dropper Cap

Regular price: $27.49
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8 Ounces
 120ppm .9999 silver
Colloidal Silver W/ Dropper
Regular price: $42.56
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$21.27 plus $4.11 S&H

16 Ounces
 120ppm .9999 silver
Colloidal Silver W/ Dropper
Regular price: $62.25
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$29.12 plus $5.03 S&H
32 Ounces
 120ppm .9999 silver
Colloidal Silver W/ Dropper
Regular price: $85.75
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Colloidal Gold

2 Ounces
100ppm .9999 gold
Colloidal Gold W/ Dropper Cap
Regular price: $24.35

Special price:
$9.17 plus $3.81 S&H

4 Ounces
100ppm .9999 gold
Colloidal Gold W/ Dropper Cap
Regular price: $28.50

Special price:
$12.57 plus $3.81 S&H

8 Ounces
100 ppm .9999 gold
Colloidal Gold W/ Dropper Cap
Regular price: $47.04
Special price:
$17.52 plus $4.11 S&H

16 Ounces
 100ppm .9999 gold
Colloidal Gold W/ Dropper
Regular price: $66.74
Special price:
$26.37 plus $5.03 S&H
32 Ounces
 100ppm .9999 gold
Colloidal Gold W/ Dropper Regular price: $99.08
Special price:
$39.54 plus $6.03 S&H
Gallon Sale at VERY Deep Discount Prices
Colloidal Silver has no storage life limit - stock up before it is F.D.A. banned
 Why you should STOCK UP on Colloidal Silver
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1 Gallon
120ppm Colloidal Silver
(Equals 4 gallons of 30ppm)
We will add a dropper bottle
Retail: $239.00
+ $10.17 S&H

2 Gallons
120ppm Colloidal Silver
(Equals 8 gallons of 30ppm)
We will add a dropper bottle 

 Retail: $458.00
$152.08 + $16.03 S&H

4 Gallons
120ppm Colloidal Silver
(Equals 16 gallons of 30ppm)
We will add a dropper bottle 

Retail: $872.00
$291.16 + $21.42 S&H

Colloidal Silver Convenience Packages
120ppm Colloidal Silver for Drops & 20ppm Colloidal Silver Wound & Mouth Spray
PLUS pre-filled 1 oz Dropper Bottle with 120ppm
67% Off Regular Price!
Your Colloidal Silver Convenience Package Includes:
1.) 120ppm Concentrated Stabilized Colloidal Silver for Drops, refilling spray bottle and other usages.
2.) 20ppm Stabilized Colloidal Silver wound and mouth spray in a spray bottle. 
     (To refill with 120ppm used 6 parts water to 1 part 120ppm to make 20ppm.)
3.) 1 ounce dropper bottle pre-filled with 120ppm Stabilized Colloidal Silver for counting drops and convenient travel.
4.) 16 oz, 32 oz and gallon sizes also receive Presidents Day Free Gift Coins
Choose your size!
(The larger the size the bigger the discount!)


To Order Gallons of True 100ppm Colloidal Gold Below - Scroll down

Pure (.999) Silver Bullion Drops Add-On*
*Only Available With Order of Colloidal Silver

     We will add 1/4th or 1/2 ounce of pure (.999) Silver Bullion Drops to your Colloidal Silver bottle. True Colloidal silver enthusiasts kept silver bullion drops in their bottles of Colloidal Silver claiming this preserves the correct ionization and magnetic traits to the silver nano-particles. Guardian Of Eden stores their colloidal silver also with silver bullion drops. While not necessary, this is an option we offer.

     Note: The silver bullion drops mix range in size from about 1/20th to twice the size of BBs. To get an idea of how much 1/2 ounce of silver is, an American Silver dollar weights precisely 1 full ounce. We simply add the silver shot bullion to your bottle's contents.* ALL orders are filled PER ORDER and ALL are tested for PPM level immediately prior to filling. Because the smaller drops are very light, they are not easily removed from the bottle unless allowed to entirely dry.

*We had too many problems with a tiny bag of silver shot included with orders as it was too easily lost in the packaging. A small sticker will be on your bottle indicating it has 1/4 or 1/2 ounces of .999 Silver bullion shot added to the contents.

Pure Silver (.999) Bullion Shot added to your Colloidal Silver

1/4 Oz. .999 Silver Bullion Shot

*Only available w/ Colloidal Silver Order
Silver Bullion Shots Added to Bottle

1/2 Oz. .999 Silver Bullion Shot

*Only available w/ Colloidal Silver Order
Silver Bullion Shots Added to Bottle

*Only available with order of Colloidal Silver or Gold due to shipping costs
All 8, 16 & 32 Ounce Orders of Colloidal Silver come with One Brown Amber Glass Dropper Bottle
Gallon Containers do not come with a dropper bottle
*Only available with order of Colloidal Silver, Silver & Gold or Gold

Amber Glass Dropper Bottle and Dropper Cap: $2.33 plus 45 cents S&H each
NOTE: We HIGHLY suggest you consider buying a gallon of Colloidal Silver while it is still possible without a prescription. It will never spoil and you are prepared if public sale is banned as it has been in Europe.


Tragically, now there are numerous scams online about Colloidal Silver and Gold you need to be aware of when shopping online:

1. Most colloidal silver being sold online is homemade in people's homes, apartments or small shops using what essentially are small automotive battery chargers. They do not produce colloidal silver. They product ionic silver. This means the silver particles are larger and too large for cells. Since silver does not dissolve being a metal, ionic silver is worthless regardless of claimed PPM concentration. While they use professional looking website templates and label their bottles using a label printer, they are not selling colloidal silver.

2. WORSE, a new collection of home based scamsters are selling bottles they label on websites they make that contain NO silver in any form. They are simply dissolving alum, salt, sugar or any other dissolvable substance in water so it registers on a ppm meter.

3. A new scam is offering colloidal silver in pill or capsule form. At best, this is putting a small dash of sliver particles in a filler such as calcium. Those particles are the size of boulders to cells. There is NO legitimate solid form of colloidal silver or gold. Even if they promise 250ppm, 500ppm, 1000ppm pills, these are not colloidal silver and are worthless.

4. Be careful when selecting who to buy colloidal gold from. If made wrongly it can cause permanent nerve damage. Colloidal gold must be made with pure gold, not cheaper gold compounds, and with a precise process to eliminate the potential harmful effects.

5. Colloidal silver is ALWAYS clear. It is never has a yellow or brown tint, nor could it. The natural color of silver is very light gray and water is clear. Yellow or brown tint is impossible. Also, dissolving salt in it turning cloudy does NOT prove it is colloidal silver.

6. You should only buy colloidals or ANY other health product online from known, established companies. If not, despite what the website claims, it is over 80% likely you will NOT receive what you ordered and the contents could devastate your health in the long run.

Click here to learn more about safeguards in buying colloidal silver.


    <  We have been in business for decades and operate in numerous commercial facilities. We warehouse all products we offer, directly ship to you promptly, and have live telephone representatives. If you explore our full website collection you will also see the extensive product lines we offer. We also do private labeling for hundreds of companies, both physical stores and legitimate online merchants. Most importantly, we tell you how the Colloidal Silver we offer is made and we do not make extreme promises of immediate cures for every known disease and ailment like fraudulent sellers do.


     Virtually all online offerings of what is claimed to be colloidal silver products is made by simplistic electrolysis. Nearly all is made in the home/apartment or small location by using a tiny transformer (basically a small battery charger) running electricity through silver wires. While higher voltage will make worthless ionic silver faster, it does not produce true colloidal silver of cellular size usage. They often add salt to the solution to increase electricity flowing through the water. The salt artificially increases the apparent measurable ppm of the solution as the salt will show as ppms the same as silver or any other particles.

      PPM meters do NOT measure silver. They only approximately measure particles in the water.

      The ineffective process of cheap home electrolysis kits takes only minutes and is a single stage knocking off chucks of silver from silver wire. The resulting product is almost pure profit and of no health value. It is only ionic silver bits. Any colloidal silver produced is only a trivial level. They then offer it on websites that make themselves appear a major laboratory or expert with volumes of informational materials and so-called test results claiming the validity of their colloidal silver as being "colloidal." It is not. It is ionic silver or just dissolved alum, sugar or salt. Yes, it will measure ppms on a water testing meter. But those do not measure the percentage that is colloidal or the percentage that is silver particles.

     Some of those also sell tiny transformer kits for hundreds of dollars claiming you can make colloidal silver yourself. However, the result will be only ionic silver despite claims otherwise. You could make such a kit yourself by an inexpensive small battery charger, but you would be wasting your money either way.

     In fact, nearly all of the contents of what is sold online and labeled as colloidal silver is valueless ionic silver. The electrolysis essentially blows up tiny chunks of silver of the ionic size, not colloidal size. Colloidal technically means 100 nanometers or less. Over 100 nanometers is ionic silver. Ionic silver might as well be the size of pebbles in relation to cells. Even the high end of 100 nanometers is too large.

     Worse, some take a cheaper route using silver nitrate to make colloidal silver. Silver nitrate is a toxic substance with numerous serious harmful side effects.

Most Colloidal Silver sold online is cheap "ionic" silver made basically using a small battery charger. 
     We are one of the few companies offering Stabilized Colloidal Silver, which is over 20 times more potent and effective than other forms of Colloidal Silver. Safe for internal and external usage, plus sterilization, it is even 20 times more powerful a biocide that chlorine (which is a deadly toxin). 
     While cheap homemade so-called ionic silver being labeled and sold online as "Colloidal Silver" is VERY cheap and fast to make, our stabilized hydrogen peroxide colloidal silver takes over a month to produce and is not a homemade product.
     For personal use, stabilized colloidal silver is used EXACTLY the same as any other colloidal silver, but is VASTLY more effective and powerful. Due to production costs and time it also tends to be MUCH more expensive than the cheap stuff being sold online. The combination of hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver to a stable combination is combining two of the most powerful non-toxic biocides and oxygenators together, with the two combined ever far more powerful than the two substances used separately as they are already interacted, which is a slow chemical process.

     The popularity of colloidal silver lead to a boom of internet home-based marketers selling what they call "colloidal silver" and terribly overpriced kits to make your own. Others sell fast-make solutions made from silver nitrate, which is horrifically dangerous to use. All this severely damaged the reputation of true colloidal silver. The worst of all are those now just mixing silver powder with gelatin and selling it for as much as $400.00 a quart, when it is worth exactly $0. Inexpensive PPM testers only test for particles in water, not what those particles are. Some true frauds are simply adding a dash of dissolvable salt or sugar and there is zero silver in any from, the concentration too low to taste it.

According to a study by the F.D.A. over 80% of all health and dietary supplements now sold online do not contain ANY of the claimed ingredients.  
     Modern website templates allow anyone to make it look like they are a real company. People who are not familiar with constructing websites do not realize there are free website templates show employees, laboratories, facilities, clients and customers and more - all fake. Many are high school and college kids who are computer savvy. It is a money-making game to them. They may take pictures from Google Images, claiming this is who they are, claim to be doctors, PhDs, biochemists or any other claim.


1. They claim to have 500ppm and higher colloidal silver. This is worthless "protein silver" which is just mixing silver powder with gelatin. It has no beneficial value whatsoever and is 100% worthless.
2. The seller makes up some other name for what they are selling like Super Silver, MessaSilver, MaxiSilver, AtomSilver, Nano Silver, UltramaxSilver, etc - and then bizarrely brag they are the only person/company selling it. It bizarre because it is a non-existence substance for a name they just made up - they claim they are the only one selling it (when there is no such thing as what they claim they are selling.) If they are selling Colloidal Silver, why would they call it something else? 
Some of such websites are massively voluminous to link after link of studies, details and descriptions - all as diversion. It is as if you were reading pages and pages about diamonds, with the seller hoping you do not notice the person is selling "real genuine diamondite," meaning it is not a diamond at all. Does the seller tell you the actual ingredients? Does it have "protein?" NO colloidal silver has "protein." Silver and water are not organic. Protein is. Or why does the seller not call it colloidal silver, though talks about colloidal silver?
3. They also sell other EXTREMELY health destructive products also called Colloidal. For example, colloidal palladium* and colloidal platinum** are EXTREMELY health destructive! Iridium is another example. Anyone who would try to sell you products that destroy human health are SO horrific why would you possibly believe their Colloidal Silver is legitimate. Other examples include claiming they are selling colloidal silica, colloidal zinc and colloidal - or sticking the word colloidal in front of anything else they can think of, and then claiming amazing health benefits.
It is hard to believe anyone would sell a product known to damage a person's health, isn't it? Most likely their rational is that since all they REALLY are selling is probably bottles of water anyway they are only stealing from you, not killing you. Thieves do not care about you. They only care about your money. If they can convince you to buy a bottle of water with anything in it to show on a ppm meter, they will do it.
4. They claim laboratory tests PROVE their product. Anyone can doctor up a lab report or buy a legitimate product and have it tested, and then claim that is what they are selling.
5. Testimonials. Anyone can make up testimonials. Unless they provide the names, addresses and phone numbers of such people testimonials are worthless.
 * Palladium is highly toxic (poisonous) and is a known carcinogenic (causes cancers) and can permanently damage cellular DNA.
 ** Platinum is toxic and causes life threatening and permanent bone marrow, liver and kidney damage.

Is our colloidal silver more expensive?

     No. Even without this super discount sale it is FAR less costly than the fake solutions sold online due to how concentrated it is.

             Why you should not buy homemade colloidal silver sold online even if on a credible looking website:

     There is a clear irony and surprising the contradictions you find by those selling the fake colloidal silver and also selling kits to make it. While their prices for fake colloidal silver are extremely high at $100 a gallon or more, at the same time they boast if you buy their kits (usually well over $100), you can make it for pennies a gallon. Do you see the contradiction? If it can be made for a nickel a gallon, why do they charge over $100 a gallon to buy it from them if you don't want to make it yourself?

Seriously, does anyone really believe they can make TRUE colloidal silver for 2 cents a quart? What you know is what they are selling you didn't cost them more than 2 cents a quart to make - probably in their kitchen with one of their own battery charger with a timer on it kits.

What is the concentration level?

    Our colloidal silver is a minimum of 120ppm and gold is a minimum of 100 ppm. In addition to be true colloidal silver, it is 300% to 500% more concentrated that others claim to be offering and 20 times more effective.


     Legitimate colloidal silver is virtually impossible to find online anymore. You can find homemade ionic silver people falsely labeled colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has nearly an indefinite shelf life. It never spoils. It may not be publicly available to buy at all soon. There also is a real prospect public sales of colloidal silver will be outlawed as it recently was in all European countries. What we offer is generally 300% to 500% more concentrated than what most offer, meaning 300% to 500% more volume, and it is true colloidal silver. To reduce it merely add distilled water. 1 quart of our 120 ppm colloidal silver equals 1 gallon of 30 ppm sold by others. Click here to learn more.

     There are no instances of anyone suffering any adverse health affects from any level of usage of colloidal silver.  

      The production runs of REAL companies is always in VERY large batches. A new batch has just been finalized from it's multi-stage, months long legitimate processing. It was over-produced by G.O.E. for this promotional sale to at least give consumers an opportunity to buy REAL Colloidal Silver, which is now virtually impossible to buy online despite dozens of people advertising it.

     This means we have a large inventory. When this sells out the sale will likely end. Colloidal Silver essential never spoils and will not weaken, so stock up. These super discount sales we offer tend to sell out quickly.

                                                 TRIVIA FACT 
       Did you know that N.A.S.A. uses colloidal silver to purify water abort the International Space Station? With limited water onboard due to it's weight to put into space, for drinking water urine is purified and recycled. Part of the process involves colloidal silver as it will kill biological contaminates and organisms other sterilizing additions do not and it is 100% safe. This is how powerful and yet safe REAL Colloidal Silver is.

Virtually forever as it does not spoil. Stock up!
     The shelf life of true Colloidal Silver is virtually forever. The shelf life of our capped colloidal silver is centuries if not seriously contaminated. If not refrigerated, colloidal gold by itself can spoil by the water going bad in about 2 years. While we are required to have an expiration date (we put 5+ years), unless seriously contaminated it will not spoil or weaken even after that date. So you should stock some if you suspect you may ever want it in the future.

Why Concentration (ppms) Matter In Figuring ACTUAL Price
Remember, when you are buying Colloidal Silver, you are buying ppms, not bottle volume. The medium for Colloidal Silver is pure (distilled) water.  A QUART of 120ppm Colloidal Silver equals a GALLON of 30ppm Colloidal Silver. To reduce it to 30ppm (if you wish, or just use less drops), simply add 3 times as much distilled water and you have 1 gallon of 30ppm Colloidal Silver for the price of 1 quart. 1 quart of 120ppm Colloidal Silver equals 1 1/2 gallons of 20ppm Colloidal Silver.

     One quart of our 120ppm Colloidal Silver equals 1 Gallon of what other claim is 30ppm Colloidal Silver, with a gallon of 30ppm Colloidal silver being sold for as much as over $200 per gallon. Our sales price is an extreme & temporary price reduction sale that Colloidal Silver enthusiasts will recognize. Hopefully you do too.

HOW TO DILUTE 120ppm TO 30ppm if wish to? It is simple! To dilute a quart of our 120ppm Colloidal silver to 30ppm Colloidal silver, simply pour the quart of Colloidal Silver 120ppm into a CLEAN gallon container and fill the rest ;with distilled water (not tap or mineral water). You have 1 gallon of TRUE 30ppm Colloidal for less than 1/4th others are selling what they claim is 30ppm Colloidal Silver. Regardless of the quantity you wish to reduce, it is simply adding 3 times as much distilled water to reduce 120ppm to 30ppm. Or just use 1/4th as many drops if you are using a dropper for measuring personal usage.

     Remember, while our smaller bottles have over a 10 year expiration date (we are required to pick one),Legitimate colloidal silver never spoils or loses strength unless VERY severely contaminated.

Useful Trivia: There are approximate 300 drops per ounce of water with our droppers included FREE with your purchase.


Bulk/Wholesale Sale on Colloidal Silver
120ppm Colloidal Silver By The Gallon

     This EXTREME and temporary sales price is 70% to 80% less than what others currently charge. The reason is they are claiming 30ppm concentration. With this sale, our Colloidal Silver is 120ppm concentration which is 400% more concentrated.

     Currently, 30ppm Colloidal Silver is being sold elsewhere for as much as over $200 per gallon with the method it was produced kept secret. Our 120ppm Colloidal Silver is 400% more concentrated. One gallon of our 120ppm Colloidal Silver equals FOUR GALLONS of 30ppm Colloidal Silver. To make 1 gallon of our 120ppm Colloidal Silver equal 4 gallons of 30ppm Colloidal Silver, simply add 3 parts DISTILLED water to our 120ppm Colloidal Silver. Stir or shake well and you have 30ppm Colloidal Silver - and our colloidal silver is TRUE Colloidal Silver.

     Gallon containers arrive in an appropriate white chemical resistant jug. You can replace it with glass containers upon receiving it if you wish. Unlike our 8 to 32 ounce bottles, our gallon jug labels only contain a line for you to write the date you received it for your own record. Unless EXTREMELY contaminated, TRUE Colloidal Silver will NEVER spoil or weaken. With long term shortage, you may wish to shake the bottle.

     REPACKAGERS: If you repackage Colloidal Silver for Retail Sales and would like to offer LEGTIMATE 30ppm or less Colloidal Silver, this is your chance to do so, while allowing yourself a fair margin of profit.
Remember, this is 400% more concentrated than 30ppm, is TRUE Colloidal Silver, and will never spoil or weaken. 1 gallon makes 4 gallons of 30ppm. 4 gallons makes 16 gallons of 30ppm! (Enough for a LONG lifetime.) It will be as potent and pure 50 years from now.
We STRONGLY suggest buying a gallon.
Click on picture of gallon jug to left for larger image
You may order 1 or more dropper bottles above and may opt to have Pure Silver shot (.999) added to your jug(s) by ordering above.

Bulk Colloidal Gold
100ppm Colloidal Gold By The Gallon
This is the highest quality Colloidal Gold you can buy! At an extremely reduced price!

1 Gallon
100ppm Colloidal Gold
$92.98 + $11.49 S&H

2 Gallons
100ppm Colloidal Gold
$178.98 + $18.49 S&H

4 Gallons
100ppm Colloidal Gold
$327.18 + $24.53 S&H

Package Deal With Jutrian Remedy Brown & Blue

     Few companies are authorized/licensed to sell G.O.E. products as they are a premier and highly respected organization and company well known in the personal and professional health community and even is featured in many publications by experts including licensed doctors and recognized experts. We have combined their extraordinary Jutrian Product line with Colloidal Silver.  

     Guardian Of Eden's Jutrian RX product line is well recognized as the most extraordinary and potent food grade hydrogen peroxide on the market. While their Green and Blue version offers trace levels of Colloidal Silver & the Blue version also has trace levels of Colloidal Gold, maximum contents limits how much.
     The Jutrian RX product line combines the benefits of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and ALL Trace Minerals and Amino Acids critical to cellular well-being, with our food source now devoid of such trace minerals. To read more on Jutrian Food Grade product line,
click here. It is well worth reading! You cannot have a healthy body or mind with unhealthy cells.
Opt for the IDEAL Cellular Health Package 

Click on Pix Above for larger image
Jutrian Brown & Colloidal Silver


 You receive:


16 ounces of 120ppm Colloidal Silver
equals a half gallon of 30ppm

90 to 180 Day Supply of Jutrian Rx Brown
8 Oz 35% Food Grade H2o2 &
8 Oz Highly Concentrated minerals and Amino Acids

1/2 Ounce Real Blue Cobalt Glass Dropper Bottle

1 Ounce Real Amber Glass Dropper Bottle

Regular Price: $105.19

Sale Price: $64.17 + $7.61 S&H

Receive double your 6 month supply
to 1 year - add'l savings!

You receive:


32 ounces of 120ppm Colloidal Silver
equals a FULL-+ gallon of 30ppm

180 to 360 Day Supply of Jutrian Rx Brown
TWO 8 Oz 35% Food Grade H2o2 &
TWO 8 Oz Highly Concentrated minerals and Amino Acids

TWO 1/2 Ounce Real Blue Cobalt Glass Dropper Bottle

TWO 1 Ounce Real Amber Glass Dropper Bottle

Regular Price: $210.38

Sale Price: 108.13 + $7.81 S&H

Colloidal Silver & 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Page Deals
To read more about our 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide CLICK HERE 
There are many articles and websites on the benefits of combining Colloidal Silver and 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. If you do not feel you need to trace minerals and amino acids of the Jutrian packages above,  these package deals combine 120ppm Colloidal Silver and 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Package #1
8 Oz of 120ppm Colloidal Silver
8 Oz 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

1 Oz Amber Glass Dropper Bottle
Regular Price: $63.63
Sale Price: $32.45 + $7.61 S&H
Package #2
16 Ounces of 120ppm Colloidal Silver
16 Oz 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
1 Oz Amber Glass Dropper Bottle
Regular Price: $94.41
Sale Price: $48.25 + $7.81 S&H
Package #3
32 Ounces of 120ppm Colloidal Silver
32 Oz 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
1 Oz Amber Glass Dropper Bottle
Regular Price: $158.05
Sale Price: $82.11 + $7.81 S&H


Please note: May come with either white or black cap
6 Pack

8 Oz Colloidal Silver

Plus 6 Dropper Bottles
$90.61 + $12.73 S&H

12 Pack

8 Oz Colloidal Silver

Plus 12 Dropper Bottles
$181.22 + $16.62 S&H

24 Pack

8 Oz Colloidal Silver

Plus 24 Dropper Bottles
$362.44 + $21.81 S&H

6 Pack

16 Oz Colloidal Silver

Plus 6 Dropper Bottles
$132.57 + $21.07 S&H

12 Pack

16 Oz Colloidal Silver

Plus 12 Dropper Bottles
$265.14 + $21.04 S&H

24 Pack

16 Oz Colloidal Silver

Plus 24 Dropper Bottles
$530.28 + $24.17S&H

6 Pack

32 Oz Colloidal Silver

Plus 6 Dropper Bottles
 $184.48 + $18.07 S&H
12 Pack

32 Oz Colloidal Silver

Plus 12 Dropper Bottles
$364.96 + $21.07 S&H

24 Pack

32 Oz Colloidal Silver

Plus 24 Dropper Bottles
$681.91 + $34.08 S&H


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About Our Colloidal Silver What is Colloidal Gold? 7 Steps To Avoiding Online Fraud Important F.Y.I. Contact & About Us
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