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How to contact us for ordering and with questions
Just phone in or email us!

To place an order by phone (the safest way because you do not put your information online and you know you are dealing with real people and a real phone number) call us Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM at: (352) 564-0404.

We will immediately process your order to either ship that day if still possible and definitely the next business day if not. You do not have to wait for the online credit card process to clear the payment, then the merchant to receive it, then for the merchant see the notice, and then... etc., etc.

A real, live person will answer. If the telephone customer representative you reach is busy, it will roll to the next one. If all are on the phone, you will receive an ordinary answering machine. We do NOT use the automated recordings that force you to listen to message after message telling a selection of numbers to pick from. That is VERY annoying! If you receive the answering machine during business hours, leave your name and number (area code too) and we'll call you back within minutes. PLEASE state your phone number SLOWLY and repeat it. We can't count how many times everyone's gathered to try to figure how the phone number given when said once very quickly.

You will find our customer service representatives are very helpful, pleasant and will personally know of all products as our best customers are ourselves!

 For after hours and weekend phone calls, call and leave a message with your name and phone number (again please repeat it) and it helps if you say what state you are in (so we don't phone you in California at 6 in the morning!) The next day (or Monday) we will phone you in the morning, take your order and get it out and off to you. This is THE fastest system. Sometimes "old technology" is still more efficient and faster.

You also can drop us an email at Let us know the best time to phone you and we will. If you state what you want to order in the email, we can be all ready.

We try hard to answer your questions, though we are strictly prohibited from giving ANY medical advice.

We are large enough to get the job done quickly and efficiently, but not so big that customers are only dealing with automated phone systems.

Phone us at: (352) 564-0404
Hours 9 AM to 5 PM (Eastern)

If phoning after hours just leave us a message telling us the best time to call you. We will and will process your order promptly. This is the fastest possible way to have an order shipped to you by us.

Email us at!
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