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What is Colloidal Copper?
Colloidal Copper
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     The most simple definition is microscopic size copper molecule clusters suspended in pure water by water tension (the "sticky" nature of water (h2o).
What is Colloidal Gold? What are the benefits of Colloidal Silver? 


     Ship builders and boaters have known of the outstanding biocide properties of copper for thousands of years. Unlike any other metal, fungus and algae will not grow on copper (in natural form copper is green in color). This was invaluable to to the shipping industry and to this day copper embedded paints are used as anti-fouling bottom paint on boats left in the water.
     Ancient civilizations used copper as an antimicrobial long before they even understood the concept of microbes by seeing that water stored in copper containers did not develop the slim and other water deteriorations nearly as quickly as in any other container. By the 19th century, copper was among the earliest medicines and treatments. People use copper for a variety of reasons from medical to even preventing or restoring hair lose. The research continues.
Antimocrobial Nature Of Copper

The mechanism by which antimicrobial copper kills bacteria is complex by nature, but the effect is simple. Science suggests that antimicrobial copper kills bacteria* with a multifaceted attack.

Science suggests that copper surfaces affect bacteria in two sequential steps: the first step is a direct interaction between the surface and the bacterial outer membrane, causing the membrane to rupture.

      With the bacteria or microbe cell punctured, the cell loses vital nutrients and water, causing a general weakening of the cell.

How can copper punch holes in a bacterium?

     Every cell's outer membrane, including that of a single cell organism like a bacterium, is characterized by a stable electrical micro-current. This is often called "transmembrane potential" and is, literally, a voltage difference between the inside and the outside of a cell. It is strongly suspected that when a bacterium comes in contact with a copper surface, a short circuiting of the current in the cell membrane can occur. This weakens the membrane and creates holes. Another way to make a hole in a membrane is by localized oxidation. This happens when a single copper molecule, or copper ion, is released from the copper surface and hits a building block of the cell membrane (either a protein or a fatty acid). If the "hit" occurs in the presence of oxygen, we speak of oxidative damage.


After punching holes, how do copper ions further damage the cell?

      Now that the cells main defense (its outer membrane) has been breached, there is an unopposed stream of copper ions entering the cell. This puts several vital processes within the cell in danger. Copper literally overwhelms the inside of the cell and obstructs cell metabolism (i.e., the biochemical reactions needed for life). These reactions are accomplished and catalyzed by enzymes. When excess copper binds to these enzymes, their activity grinds to a halt. The bacterium can no longer breathe, eat, digest, or create energy.

How can copper's effect be so fast, and affect such a wide range of microorganisms?

     Experts explain the speed with which bacteria perish on copper surfaces by the multi-targeted nature of copper's effects. After membrane perforation, copper can inhibit enzymes and stop the cell from transporting or digesting nutrients, from repairing its damaged membrane, and from breathing or multiplying. This is why such a wide range of bacteria1 are susceptible to contact action by copper.

True Colloidal Copper does not spoil for many years
     True Colloidal Copper will virtual never spoil is stored well. Colloidal Silver never decomposes or spoils. Colloidal Copper is the PERFECT compliment to Colloidal Silver. Both combined may well constitute the most potent antimicrobal possible.
Can Copper Stop Hair Loss? Grow more and thicker hair?
 Plus make skin thicker, softer and more hydrated
How Could Copper grow more and thicker hair - while also improving your skin?

     Copper peptides occur naturally in the human body and are normally present in fluids – for example blood plasma. Both proteins and peptides are chains of amino acids, except the latter are much shorter (less than 70 “links”) and therefore have a significantly lower molecular mass. As we age, this process weakens for which supplementing with copper may be the perfect solution. Among many other benefits, copper can stimulate skin repair and increase the number of subcutaneous fat cells in the scalp, which strengthens and increases the size of hair follicles. Copper also increases scalp and skin thickness by stimulating the production of elastin, collagen and proteoglycans, which also insures skin is properly hydrated.

Improves cellular and folic blood circulation

Hair follicles need oxygen and nutrients to survive, just like the rest of your body. While vital organs like your heart and lungs are connected to the largest blood vessels, it is more difficult for oxygenized blood to reach your extremities (toes, fingertips, cheeks and scalp), especially if you have bad peripheral (capillary) circulation. Not to mention the metabolism of your hair follicles is extremely fast! The copper in GHK-Cu, however, has angiogenic properties and improves microcirculation.

Reduces inflammation

Hair loss is often triggered by an auto-immune reaction (i.e. a situation where the immune system treats your own body cells as intruders and attacks them; this frequently causes inflammation). GHK-Cu reduces inflammation by inhibiting the action of cytokine Interleukin 1 and polypeptide Transforming Growth Factor (TGF) beta 1.

Blocks DHT & TFG-beta Formation

DHT (dihydrotestosterone), an androgen hormone, is the leading cause of male pattern baldness around the world – this also explains why women rarely go bald for other reasons than chronic illness. According to Sugimoto et al, the copper in GHK-Cu inhibits 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. Moreover, GHK-Cu also stimulates the production of decorin, a protein that inhibits the formation of TGF-beta (a cytokine involved in the miniaturization of the hair follicle). But reversing follicles being choked or narrowed, the follicles survive and expand, growing thicker hair.

To read more about the nature of copper in health, here is a link to an impartial Wiki article.

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      The F.D.A. has strictly outlawed anyone selling colloidal silver from discussing or promising any health benefit from colloidal silver to combat the massive number of fraudulent products by home-based sellers. If you see an online listing selling colloidal silver that also discusses benefits, you can be 100% certain this is a fraudulent product by someone filling bottles at home and falsely labeling it colloidal silver.
     A study by the United States Food & Drug Administration revealed that over 80% of health and dietary products sold by home based sellers - despite professional looking websites - does not contain even 1% of what is claimed. Literally people are filling bottles and capsules in their kitchens, garages and dining room tables with anything cheap and then falsely labeling it whatever they want to claim.

The Evolution of Online Fraud by Home-based Sellers

This is just FYI if you are interested, or skip this section if not.

      We have been selling health and dietary products online since 1983 - and supply over 1,000 health supply retail stores, laboratories, government agencies, major corporations and universities, and many consumers such as you. We have seen the worsening situation for online fraud of health and dietary products across the board.

      Originally, online sales of health and dietary products online was safe, when websites and understanding computers was new to most people. We have watched this situation worsen with each year. There are now tens of thousands, if not more, people in their homes, apartments, dorms and garages filling and labeling bottles and capsules - selling such products on online. Some likely truly believe their product is real. But in fact over 80% are absolute frauds not containing any of the stated ingredients and of the most questionable quality control.

     There is an evolution of online product frauds. For colloidals, initially it was people buying little electrolysis kits believing they were making colloidal silver and selling it for a huge profit. But once fraud starts on a product line it becomes a contest of who has the most marketable and profitable fraud?

      Realizing that most people have no way to actually know the contents, the next evolution added people in apartments and dorms just filling bottles with tap water and adding any dissolvable ingredient to register on PPM meters.

        There is nothing wrong with having a home-based business or even home-based production. Some likely have the best of intentions. But now to many of the home-based manufacturers/sellers operating out of their kitchen, apartment, dorm room or garage, it is only a marketing contest of who can think up a more clever and profitable scam. It is singularly about getting people's money any possible way with no integrity.

How to Avoid
When ordering Health &
Dietary Products
Rules to follow when shopping online for health products
It is your health, not just money on the line
1. Use your common sense. Anyone can put up a professional website template, cut and paste studies, links to YouTube, sound like an expert and list products on Amazon and EBay.
2. Does the seller have a phone number? If on Amazon which does not allow a phone number, research the company name of the seller on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Does the person have a phone number? If not, ask yourself what is the person hiding from? (We have live customer service representatives and in business since 1983.)
Help Spread the word of Online Fraud
     The dangers of online fraud for health and dietary products is greater than other products. It is more than a matter of a person's money being stolen. These are products people put into their body seeking health benefit. Bogus and fraudulent products at best do not and all to often are so contaminated that cause real, serious, permanent and even lethal consequences.
     Fraudulent health and dietary products also invites government intervention and banning, makes it impossible for legitimate businesses to continue offer the real product, and leads to banning of products on sales sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Help spread the word on the guidelines for safe shopping on line in general and specifically about colloidal silver.
If you are shopping for Colloidals...

Does seller have telephone number you can call?
•Do they have a large selection of products overall?
How long in business?

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