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Warning about Liquid EDTA


EDTA bottles contain almost NO EDTA. Think about it and that is obvious. EDTA is NOT a liquid substance. How much EDTA can there be in a small 1 or 2 ounce dropper bottle diluted with water? Tiny dropper bottles of "liquid EDTA" was just someone's clever   marketing scheme that is next to worthless.

If you want a liquid zeolite just dissolve a small amount in water. You could make 100+ such small dropper  bottles out of a small amount of EDTA. Also, there is a lawsuit about liquid EDTA being a fraud  - so a lot of it is being dumped online to get rid of it fast.

Beware of ANY Merchant whose product line includes so-called liquid EDTA. You should question the legitimacy of any of their products if their integrity is so low and they are so indifferent to your health as to offer it.



Guardian Of Eden (R) has been selling certified and inspected 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in consumer sizes since 1998 and is the largest supplier of independent natural health supplement retail stores in the USA, and supplies 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to licensed medical doctors (MDs), clinics, alternative and natural health professionals, water treatment facilities, commercial aquariums, dairy farms, commercial fruit and berry growers, veterinarians, and thousands of individuals for personal use.

EDTA is a unique substance that effectively binds to heavy metals and toxins once introduced into the body. It has been used to bind eliminate heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the body. Some believe that as a result of this property EDTA is the ideal substance for detoxifying the body of harmful contaminants and toxins which would otherwise be tremendously harmful to the body.

While EDTA does as an excellent option for body detox there are many other uses that are not well known. For instance some believe the true benefits of EDTA are experienced when trying to eliminate plaque from your boy which would otherwise clog arteries resulting in arteriosclerosis also as a result of these properties eliminating toxins from the gastrointestinal tract .

With these benefits in mind you can see why it is enticing to many who wish to reduce and even eliminate the number of toxins present in their lives and bodies without compromise.

Zeolites Zeolites ability to contain toxins make it an ideal and complimentary when taking EDTA. When taken in collaboration Zeolite and EDTA work together to cleanse the body of heavy metals and toxins. Improving each others effectiveness by handling the dangerous material in separate ways. EDTA will actively bind to the metals and toxins while Zeolite will attract them and take them into it's internal structure. This is the ultimate defense for your body against heavy metals and toxins.
 EDTA Plus Zeolite Capsules
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Benefits Of EDTA

The benefits of EDTA are all about it's ability to bind damaging toxins and prevent damage otherwise experienced from oxidation. It is so effective at binding to impurities and preventing oxidation that it has been used as a preservatives for innumerable food products. This also speaks to the safety of EDTA as a whole, being present in many of the things we consume from soda to baked goods and fruit only in miniscule quantities. But operating efficient enough to do its job.
The real cleansing power of EDTA comes from it's binding abilities. This property allows it to drawn impurities from your body. The cleansing powers of EDTA reduce the levels of heavy metals and toxins. All of which can contribute to the development of ailments which if not taken care of early on could easily develop into more severe or possibly even chronic conditions which your body could have a hard time fighting off in the future and may be unable to on it's own.
This is why there is tremendous benefit in supplementing EDTA into your diet to ensure the maximum health benefit which will reduce future damage to your body and possibly even prevent a chronic condition in the future.
Aside from the general application the EDTA anticoagulant properties create an interesting opportunity for those interested in eliminating plaque for their cardiovascular system and therefore prevent or reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. Many diseases have been linked to heavy metals and toxins negatively interacting with the internal natural processes of the body. Internal damage experienced from toxins, free radicals, clots and heavy metals can be damaging to the D.N.A. of your cells and can make you more vulnerable to accelerated aging and other dangers which could lead to Alzheimer's Disease, arthritis and even cancer. In this way EDTA is very similar to Humic Acid which is a Natural and Organic substance that effectiverly assists the body and it's cells regulater and dispose of metals, toxins and free radicals. All of which are linked to the increased oxidative capabilities of free radicals.

All of these detriments and damages could be reduced through the unique properties of EDTA.

Why you should use EDTA

  • Over 70,000 chemicals escape into our environment from industry, 65,000 of can be hazardous.

  • Newborns are being  poisoned before they take a first breath! Babies have been found with 287 industrial chemicals in their umbilical cords at birth — 180 of which can cause cancer and 217 of which are classified as toxic.

  • Americans, of any age, have enough toxic material inside their bodies to cause cell membrane and DNA damage.

  • Things have only become worse, (with incidents such as the BP Petrochemical disaster which added millions of gallons of petrochemical toxins) not to mention the levels of radioactive materials (made worse by Japan’s nuclear reactor meltdown caused by the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami)

With the danger of toxins and heavy metals present in every aspect of our lives why you should the precaution of  EDTA?

The world is being polluted, the water you drink the air you breathe and the land you live on, all of which you are apart of. Every time you eat and breathe you are taking in the toxins that are being pumped out by cars and factories and in tiny amounts. Over time these toxins can build up and you can develop severe conditions such as COPD and innumerable cancers. These are the result of the world we live in seemingly unavoidable but there are ways to help your body remove these toxins, EDTA has the perfect combination of features to help your body handle the build of toxins and heavy metals. With its amazing ability to bind with toxins you can avoid some of the dangerous build-up which would otherwise severely damage your bodies systems.

Benefits to Blood Flow

The foremost properties of EDTA are it's ability to bind of heavy metals and eliminate plaque from the arteries. By reducing the restriction of blood flow within your body you can greatly improve the level of blood flow to the areas which had experience restricted blood flow before.

When the body is free of artery blockages and toxins you will experience better blood flow and what better way to cleanse your body then the most potent and effective EDTA available?

  The action of EDTA is more than just binding calcium and breaking down plaque. One of the primary health problems caused by aging is decreased blood flow; EDTA helps to restore lost blood flow by stimulating the enlargement of small vessels, so they can allow blood to flow around a blockage.

Through the promotion of healing by stimulating enzyme production that controls the phosphorus and calcium levels in the body EDTA assists in the  iin re-calcification of bones and the reduction of osteoporosis and arthritis.

 EDTA is a powerful antioxidant to control free radical damage. Free radicals are formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed these highly reactive radicals damage the body and cause aging. Antioxidants help the body by preventing damage caused by free radicals and therefore help slow the aging process. EDTA stimulate the body to produce antioxidants that reduce the risk of heart disease. To read more about the benefits of EDTA to the Cardiovascular System Click HERE

 Immune System Benefits

 When your body is overwhelmed with toxins it has to work harder to maintain health and fight infection and viruses. By using EDTA you are supporting the body’s natural immune system. By eliminating the extra load that the toxins and heavy metals are creating which make it harder for your immune cells to operate, you improve the function of your immune system. Evidence suggests that improved resistance to viruses is experienced by people who have already completed an initial ‘detox’ – and whose immune systems are free of heavy metals and other toxins.
Powerful Long Term Benefits
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better GABA balance in the brain--which can help reduce depression/anxiety and improve mental clarity
  • Fighting free radicals (protecting cell membranes, DNA, enzyme systems, and lipoproteins)
  • Resuscitated mitochondria (the loss of mitochondrial function is thought to be one of the key elements of aging)
  • Better longevity and success rate than bypass surgery 

What will you decide?
  Will you make the right choice? Will you choose to take the steps to help your body handle the dangers of heavy metals, free radicals and toxins that it faces daily or will you venture forth unprotected and risk an increased risk of cancer, Alzheimer's, cell death, damaged DNA, arthritis and many more debilitating diseases or will you use EDTA? 

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