Guardian Of Eden's company name is for the mythical angel that guarded the entrance to the Garden Of Eden with the world was pure and uncontaminated.


          "We are all mortal -  all are destined to ultimately shipwreck - we all die. The question, then, must be of the extension, the quality, the effort and the mentality of our life efforts, of what manner of ship was this?

          We cannot return to the Garden of Eden and immortality in this reality. But now it is human-kind itself that evicts us further and further away from Eden.

          So many are looking for cures and answers, hope and solutions in great and magical answers over the horizon - to find health in snake oil and hope in outside invasion. We want to believe the answer is "out there."

          When the magic pills fail, we then turn to self-inflicted pain in radical physical workouts or intense self-denial of desires - believing somehow if we suffer enough we will be rewarded or that we are being punished for some sin or selfishness. We hope to endure it, rather than continue to advance through and despite it. When all this also fails us, we slouch our shoulders and resolve ourselves to the endless grind of life and give up on ever solving the puzzle - attempting to replace defeating despair with acceptance of apathy. In the end, then only waiting for death and hope it will not be too terribly painful. When a person lays down in acceptance, death will comes even while still alive. Ultimately, we have diminished ourselves more than even the disease has.

          We disagree fully and instead look to the origin - to the single cell of life itself - and the single cells of our own body.

          While I am my thoughts, I am dependent upon my body and my body is my cells. I demand so much from those cells, surely I can at least show them the most minor respect for what they need too. Any other view has come to seem suicidal.

          I can not succeed, cannot win, cannot declare I do all I can do and then blame some "them" or "that" - or even claim I am an ethical and compassionate person -  if I give no worth to those cellular creatures - the cells of my own body. If I show respect and reverence for any creatures, it should not  also be to the cells of my own body? No other creatures are more loyal or serve me better than the single cell organisms of my own body.  Yet as they sacrifice themselves for their human host, usually they are only abused and neglected in return.

          The most powerful microscopes still struggle to grasp all the complexity of a single cell. The finer the resolution, still the next layers of complexity are found. Human cells are not amoebas. They possession vastly complex internal structures, complex chemical processes of digestion, feeding, magnetic fields and no one has a clue how they decide, determine, adjust, communicate with each other, and reason out problems or realize the environment around them. The more we learn, the more complex a cell is revealed to be.

          A Noble Peace Prize winning researcher was cast out of the scientific community for a claim that he had independently discovered that another entire level of small life forms live within the DNA structures of every cell and that each cell is a vast and complex super colony organism. This resulted after an extremely powerful optical microscope was developed that did not obliterate living tissue as do electron microscopes allowing actually looking at cellular DNA structure.

           He claimed his research suggested the members of that macro community demonstrated both purpose and possibly intelligence. He suggested these organisms built greater life forms for their own purpose, thus building our bodies they way that we build apartment complexes and cities. He was adamant that these macro communities of each cell communicate with each other and suggested if he could see even smaller, he would find those sub-cellular creatures had their own internal complexities.

          Why was that so unacceptable to believe, given that a cell contains billions of atoms? In the other direction, our solar system is merely an atom of the structure of the universe. The fear was not of that Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist was wrong, but that he was correct and if so, it turned the medical community and our understanding of life itself upside down.

          When urged to rethink his position, instead he hardened his view still deeper and more revolutionary. He claimed these sub-cellular nano-creatures were virtually impervious to heat, radiation and crushing forces and existed in the cells of every life form. In his opinion, they are virtually immortal and move from host to host and new life to new life. He speculated that because the heat and radiation in space would not harm them, possibly they were the origins and common link to life itself - whether by evolution or God's means of building life.

       As the chemistry in the plant, animal or person they were in became undesirable, they would increasingly leave that host - and the rate of their departure determined the lifespan and health of that life. Therefore, by adjusting body chemistry suitable to those nano-creatures, life spans could be greatly increased. He claimed to have tested this in a preliminary way with corn and that they could extend the life of the corn, cause the corn to die prematurely, cause the corn to develop tumors or be cured of tumors by altering the cellular chemistry these organisms resided in. 

All living organisms are subject to tumors and have life spans. Even plants get tumors.  But what determines how fast that life clock runs or in which direction? Which of the same plant or animal will fall to tumors and which ones will not? He believed that human life could be increased to hundreds of years and cellular diseases virtually eliminated within a decade if this phenomenon was researched in depth.

          What was that recognized brilliant scientist real crime that was so troubling? He argued that he was having increasing success in attempting to communicate with these cellular macro communities via alterations of cellular chemistry and in a way that would result in affecting a person's health and life span. If so,  each person could become the general of the armies of cells within their own body,  giving communicated commands and instruction for the benefit of the entire cellular community of the human body.

          He was attempting to make a direct communication link with living cells themselves - claiming they were more complex than anyone had ever imagined and had the audacity to suggest cells are intelligent super-organism life forms living as communities in the ocean of our bodies - just as people live as a community on earth. Like people, their world has a vast variety of life of all types and sizes, that cells divide into jobs and tasks, act in harmony and even engage in war. He also claimed that the cellular chemistry of any plant or animal was the decisive factor of health and life span. It was not just bad luck or the draw of the cards of who lived or died or how long or well a person lived.

           In some ways, this seems obvious. Our health and our life span is determined by the cells of our body. Therefore, health focus should be at that level

          Yes, those are mind-boggling concepts. Yet I do not need to understand or accept a single word of it whatsoever to understand that cellular health is decisively important to my health and well-being.

          If all each my cells need from me is as simple as oxygen, minerals, vitamins, a few amino acids and other fundamental organic materials than would fit on a pinhead, why would I refuse? I'm too busy? It's a bother? I cannot afford to feed them for pennies a day?

          The reality of the cells of my body is that "Them" is "I".

          So I have decided to attempt deny them nothing they need that I can learn. Not one element, not one mineral, not one atom or molecule I know of. I will put on their plate what they wish - just as I do for myself.   Just as they endlessly strive to figure how best to serve me by trial and error, so I now do the same for them.

          For our clientele who compete to be the greatest of our species at physical performance in the whole earth in their field of competition, they understand that it is not their ideology, soul or good looks that is competing - but the collection of their cells against every other super-cell human organism on the field, on the road, or in the arena.

          I have yet to hear a single competitor in their winner's speech of appreciation say, "I wish to thank the trillions of microscopic creatures that made this all possible, my cells. Thank you, one and all." I suppose that would be a little more that a bit peculiar, although would be entirely accurate.

          For our wealthy clientele, they understand that it is worth throwing a few relative crumbs of their income to servicing their cells, not just their yachts and mansions. All those things become nothing if their cellular army loses just one of the millions of wars against virus, fungus and bacterial invaders or fails to address a single organic defect creating a tumor.

           Instead, we breathe poisons, eat toxins in our food, and even go swimming is pools of toxic chemicals. We say "super size it" to a meal of flour bleached out of any value, grease, steroids and antibiotics in the meat, processed salt, sugar, food dyes and starch." This may be followed by a chemical diet drink and vitamin pill as our statement of health.

Not 1% of the population ever looks a menu or goes through a grocery store with the question, "What is good for my body?"  We consider eating junk food as "treating ourselves" when that treat is worst that what we feed cattle, chickens, or the cheapest dog food on the shelf. We will spend $5 for a burger, fries and a coke - an extreme markup - but will not pay an extra quarter for an organically grown apple. We live and die on syrup water, chemical colors, starch, and fat as our daily diet. Maybe, just maybe, will take a ten cent vitamin pill once in a while.

          When our bodies fail us - and they will - we hope a professional can give us the answer to the horrifying bad report of our fate in the doctor's office. We lament "Why me? What did I do to deserve this?"  as though illness is a question of fairness or punishment - or just bad luck. Yet luck, fairness, and punishment are not factors at all.

           It is not accurate, however, that it is nobody's fault.
           Fault lies is agencies that certified meat, milk, treated tap water and the oceans of chemicals and toxins in our diet as "safe" and even "certified" and "inspected."  Fault lies in health standards that allow putting toxins, radiation, and DNA destroying compounds into our air, water, and soil-based upon an average78 year lifespan if all goes right. 

          Fault lies many places.

           The importance of nutrition has been known to the human race for thousands of years and long before it known that such a thing as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids existed. It has been known medically and scientifically for centuries that many diseases and illnesses are a direct result of the lack of specific vitamins or minerals. It was known hundreds of years ago that sailors will die if only on a meat and bread diet, for which fruit was brought along. It was known that lack of iodine causes gout. The list is long. But this most basic fact of health that is fully solved for pennies a day has been set aside by a drug industry whose goal is to find the most expensive pills they have exclusive rights to as possible - for which the belief that it is beneficial is what dictates, not whether it is beneficial.

            Fault lies in governments that provide legal patent protection to drug companies to be able to sell life and death medication for whatever price they want at any price markup they want, with no concern of how many die for the inability to pay a 5,000% profit margin - while at the same time the government gives drug companies complete anti-trust protection granted no other industry to support unrestricted price gouging that works by extorting people with their very lives.
          Fault lies in politicians receiving tens of millions of dollars a year to literally make it a criminal offense to try to obtain such life-necessary drugs elsewhere or on your own. Fault lies in those politicians for declaring the medical cost and drug cost crisis are the fault of lawyers, insurance companies and any and everyone else but the unique laws bought from those political by the drug companies. Politicians in government are not going to cure the problem as they created the problem themselves for contribution bribery - and they know it.

          Fault lies in bribed government officials who declare it legal to sell drugs that cost hundreds of dollars a month, with little known what it does that is harmful, while making it a felony to declare a natural remedy that cost pennies might help someone stay health.
            The concept that a corporation can declare ownership of a life-death drug - when all drugs originate from nature - for which they can then extort any price that the corporation wishes regardless of cost of production is the greatest institutional evil and immortality possible.

            This is not an abstract moralization. It is exactly no different than would to be institutionally selling people's names for which the winning corporation could demand whatever ransom they determined or they could legally torture the person to death under the authority and with the aid of the government. The drug companies hold up pills that cost a quarter before millions of people in torturous and lethal pain and demand $25 each or the person can just die. And most do not have it and do - as the government has declared it a criminal offense for anyone else to give or sell it to them.

           To question this or declare this is a social issue, for which the people through their government should obtain life-saving drugs as easily and cheaply as possible,  is to hear the declaration that this violates free enterprise that is asserted as the unwritten first law of ten commandments with "God" and "morality" replaced with institutionalized and unlimited deadly greed for the super rich. Pay our extortion or die is the law of the drug industry.

           Fault lies with we, the people, for tolerating this or buying slogans and words such as "conservative" and "free enterprise", when actually it is raw evil, the worse form of government corruption, and little different that corporate murder for profit.

          Fault lies in the concept of health care that presumes terrible diseases as only profit centers for treatment, rather than focus upon preventative health maintenance. Tens of billions are spent in the health industry to keep ill people alive, with essentially nothing spent to assure that our food has even the most well known minimal levels of cellular nutrients. For the price of one hospital built on government funds, our national food supply could be supplemented with all vitamins, minerals and amino acids for every person for months. Doing so would keep a million people a month out of hospitals.

             Fault lies in we, the people, for not expressing more gratitude and support for those in the medical industry who do focus on health care over personal profit - often making real economic and personal sacrifices to do so. Fault lies in we, the people, for not taking the time to search out such medical professionals.

            Fault lines in the school cafeteria line, with menus planned upon a mix of what is the cheapest way to feed children food they will eat, rather than food that is good for children. Fault lies in a teaching that the measure of food is solely a measure of calories. 

            Fault can be found in a military system that can be reckless with the most complex and volatile life-destroying substances and in only half understood drugs given to personnel.

           Fault lies in corporate farming on government support eliminating small family farms and upon the government encouraging same crop year after decade and in tolerating - even certifying - the mass usage of steroid and antibiotics in meats of all kinds, even allowing the selling of meats from diseased livestock.

            Fault lies in our chemical industries and manufacturers and an economic-political system that defined levels of extreme poisons as "safe" levels in our environment. Fault lies in subsidized drug companies that define the best medicine is, of course, the most expensive medicine. Fault lies with we, the people, for not drawing distinction between the good and responsible chemical industries and the bad ones, and for paying little attention to such issues. Fault lies with we, the people, and with politicians for not making distinction between regulations needed for our environment and those that are bureaucratic harassment and shakedowns of good, honest companies that do not pay contribution bribery.

            And, for many, fault lies with themselves. We knew we should have eaten better and taken better care of themselves. Fault lies in acceptance of "it is too late" in the face of serious medical illness.

            Assigning fault is not a cure.

           When ill, go to the doctor. Listen to the doctor's advice. But it would also be wise to look in the mirror and ask, "What can I do for myself?"  You will live the consequences of whatever decision you make. Decisions of how to avoid becoming ill. Decisions of what to do when you become ill.

          A diagnosis of a terrible or fatal illness can lead to moments of deep feelings of loneliness and helplessness. The more crowded our world and lives become, the lonelier it seems people have become. Yet in that battle, you are not alone. Billions of creatures, your cells, are completely on your side. They are completely depending upon you winning, just as you are dependent upon them. When it comes to fighting disease and physical failure, the truth is that they are more knowledgeable than you can comprehend - as that is their sole purpose of existence: To fight and even die to keep you alive and well. So be good to them.

          Increasingly, I have come to realize that much of life, of the world, of God and of myself is not out there at all, but inside myself. The greatest and most decisive battles in my life are the ones I can not see. The battle of my cells slaughtering virus, bacteria, fungus and defective cells by the billions - every day, every night - as our industrial world of toxic chemicals and radiation increasingly join forces to defeat my armies. The enemy hordes are relentless. No matter what stock I buy, what clothes I wear and what books I read, my whole life is dependent upon my cellular army winning ever battle and every war.

          Maybe we should degrade the quality of our products and eccentricity of our passion and quest in an attempt to serve all of humanity - but then we enter the world of the snake oil sellers and con artists - the world of merchandisers and those trying to pick my pocket pushing nickel pills with all claiming to be the one selling magic beans of Jack and the Beanstalk - not like the other 100,000 liars before them.

           Of marketing and profits? In the area of products related to health are found the most noble and the most evil of our species. Let me give you examples.

          We always hesitate to make our most unique and potent products for sale to the general public. Doing so puts us into the world of home-based con artists, liars and thieves. They fill bottles in their kitchen sink or from the garden hose. Fill capsules with cheap calcium, kitchen herbs or grass clips. But the know how to make a website that makes the person look like a major company, know how to print good looking labels, and are will to make any false health cures and tell any lie – anything to sell their virtually pure profit worth products.


          American consumers tend to not use common sense. They shop the cheapest price, who makes the greatest health promises, or has the prettiest label and website.

          Examples are home-based sellers of what they call 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, when there is no such thing as 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and at 97% water the actual price compared to true 35% in hydrogen peroxide is over $150 a gallon for their worthless (and dangerous) product. Using nothing more than a blender or a little electric transformer, they sell what they call colloidal silver when it is no such thing. So go as far as to claim it is 500ppm or even 5000ppm colloidal silver, which is impossible, when they are just mixing some powder in water to register on a PPM meter. The sell miracle cure pills and liquids that literally are bottles of water with some bleach in it and capsules they fill with just calcium, kitchen herbs or even grass clipping. Over 80% of all health products sold online are both worthless and dangerous – but promise instant medical miracles.

          To the contrary, we are a long time established company supplying health stores, doctors, manufacturers, clinics and more for decades. Yet while our products are truly legitimate and of uncompromised quality, we do not promise cures. How could we promise to cure someone we do not even know? We can not know all the health factors and health history in an unknown customer’s life. All we can do is explain what our product is truthful and the premise behind the health benefit of the ingredients.

        For example, it has been known for decades that commercial agriculture land has been depleted of minerals and plants can not create minerals. It is known that the human body needs all trace minerals and amino acids. It is known that cells can not absorb mineral particles that are the size of boulders in relation to the size of a human cell. So we can only explain our product and the theory behind the benefit of it. Can we promise this will cure someone? Of course not. It is called being truthful.

          Yet if we enter that world of those consumers blindly running from tent to tent of pitchmen, fraud product websites and listings on Amazon and EBay, and marathon TV and radio infomercials all hawking miracles in bottles of nickel pills and magic liquids, who have we served? Who would anyone even listen in that marketplace of foolishness but foolish people? I would prefer not to be in a marketplace competitors of con artists, liars and tricksters making worthless, harmful products in their kitchen or garage with labels of their home printer.

         In the past I would discuss health supplement topics with unknowledgeable people. An example was a fella who asked me what is the health supplement I most recommend. I replied Jutrian Rx. It oxygenates the blood and body. It has two of the most powerful natural and non-toxic biocides – hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver. It has every mineral, amino acid and colloidal human cells need.

        In response was just a blank stare and then he explained he is taking kelp capsules, spending $29.95 per month on them because they contained a very special form of kelp. I offered to trade a small supply of Jutrian Rx for one of his bottles of kelp capsules. The capsules were actually filled with parsley flakes that he was spending a dollar a day for. At least they were not harmful.

       In the past I tested many products sold online. Only one actually contained what it claimed, but it was from a major health supply legitimate company. The rest were bottles of water with a little bleach or grocery store hydrogen peroxide – or worse. Capsuled were filled with grass clippings, parsley flakes, oregano and tea leaves. White powder capsules generally were just calcium. One company with a website with a laboratory and technician photos (actually a home-based seller in an apartment) was selling bottles of very hard to obtain organic Germanium GE-132 capsules for $150 a month. The small capsules were filled only with milk sugar. Such fraud and theft is so common I stopped bothering. Yet the general  public marketplace is to compete with those people and this is unpleasant.

         Instead, I would rather only interact with knowledgeable, thinking people and then just go ride my bike; just my cells and I.

          As our species races to ever more destroy what little is left of our Eden, I yearn to return to the Garden. Maybe that, too, is a cry of my cellular friends - they want to go home from where they first came – to a pure, unpolluted world of pure water, pure air and pure food packed with everything our cellular body needs.

          Personally, I give credit for my self-existence - my soul and inner voice of self-realization - to my God. But for everything else of this life, I give credit to my cells. Without them, I am evicted from this life and reality.

           No, I do not lotus position meditate in communion with my cells, though maybe it wouldn't hurt once in a while. I have been discussions in which others who claim human cells do not qualify as a living creature because they do not think - as if anyone has a clue whether they do or not or as if this makes any difference to the issue.

          This is what I know is true of my cells. If they lose, I lose.

          THIS is the truism of each person's life. Every conscious effort of my life is reduced to nothingness if just one of my cells loses a decisive battle with one a lethal tumor cell, lethal bacteria or lethal virus. As they sacrifice themselves without hesitation by the billions for me, maybe an ethical person would pause for a moment now and then with a thank you. As much as I admire the noble whale and worry of their future, should I not admire and worry more of those creatures of such devotion to me, the trillions of cells of my own body?

          Increasingly, my suspicion is that they are wiser than I anyway. My cellular body does not need my ideology to exist, but I am entirely dependent upon their wisdom to keep me alive. Without them - the cells of my own body - I do not exist. Therefore, they are important."

Theoretician of Guardian of Eden