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If you are looking for legitimate HGH support product, you've found it!

Nearly all so-called "HGH" support products now on the market are junk and usually just a few herbs and vitamins (if you can even find their ingredients list.) They're websites make wonderful promises, but if you look at the actual contents (and know what those are), you realize they have NOTHING to do with HGH (Human Growth Hormone Support).
Our oral HGH support is absolutely legitimate and is only available here. It is extraordinary. There are no herbs, no vitamins and no fillers others have in their fake HGH support products. Our ingredients are state-of-the-art, used by top professionals including top body builders and sculptures, are costly and often difficult to obtain being in high demand.
To keep prices WAY down requires specific volume purchasing of each ingredient as it becomes available. Some of those are rare and expensive. This allows offering the REAL thing for even less than the worthless herbal/vitamin drops and pills falsely labeled "HGH" by Internet sellers trying to trick people. We also have NO middleman as this is OUR product - NOT something we buy from a wholesaler or warehouse somewhere. This insures purity and that it is EXACTLY what it should be, while minimizing the price at the same time.

THESE LOW PRICES are only possible due to a recent volume purchase of the raw, 100% pure and uncut ingredients. We use NO fillers either (most pills and capsules online are 90+% fillers such as calcium and ordinary kitchen spices).

Unlike most businesses, our prices are based upon the costs for what is currently being sold, not for what replacement inventory will cost. Most businesses immediately increase price on inventory if the replacement cost increases. We don't.

These prices WILL be going up, possibly a lot, and some ingredients may not be easily available even to us time to time. So if you are interested, I suggest acting quickly on these super low prices as they reflect our PAST costs on high volume ingredients purchase.

Many websites and companies have jumped on the HGH train. Unfortunately what I have personally discovered and looked into by ordering from several companies that they are not selling true Oral HGH support. Rather, they are just ordinary vitamins and herbs of no HGH support value whatsoever. Due to false claims on their websites people who buy from them don't even know what they are buying.

We are SO happy to be able to offer the real thing. Just as we found with people selling fake HGH supplements, these corrupt companies have started selling fake HGH support too. Their websites are impressive, but then look at the ingredients list - IF you can even find it. Usually just a few ordinary herbs and vitamins - that they charge a huge price for and they do nothing for you.

To combat this we have started offering true legitimate HGH supplement. We do more than tell you about the benefits. We will tell you exactly what is in Oral HGH Support. Check out the ingredients list below.

Things to know before you buy
What is HGH?

HGH stands for human growth hormones. HGH is a short single chain of amino acid monomers which are linked together by peptide bonds. HGH is produced naturally in the body - it is what helps children grow and be healthy. As we age our bodies produce less HGH - resulting in the aging effects we see (weight gain, wrinkles, muscle loss, fatigue, etc.)

What is the Oral HGH Support we are offering?
Our HGH Support is a true Oral HGH Support supplement. We have the strongest Oral HGH Support supplements. Check the actual supplement facts and ingredients list. These are VERY powerful, very costly and very rare. However, by HIGH volume ingredients purchasing AND eliminating ALL middlemen, we can sell you THE REAL THING for less than most charge for nothing more than mislabeled herbal/vitamin pills.
*Weight Loss
*Increased Lean Muscle
*More Energy
*Increased Mood and Libido
*Burns Fat
*Hair and Nail Health
*Better physique
*Healthier Skin
*Increased metabolic action for fat loss

There are MANY elements to losing weight and enhancing your life.

Weight lose isn't just about eating less and eating correctly. It also is about burning calories, blocking carbs, suppressing your appetite, increasing your energy and increasing your physical and mental activity.


If you are female, you are probably thinking "I don't want more muscularity." But you REALLY do. Muscle BURNS CALORIES. Fat doesn't. Fat also stores toxins, Muscle does not. It is MUSCLE mass that gives you those tight buttocks, beautiful leg curves and tightened-up tummy.

Guys? Yes, I know you want more muscularity and less fat. Fat eliminates the outline of muscularity.

Our HGH Support supplement includes the most advanced and complex ingredients used by top competitive body builders SPECIFICALLY for supporting MORE HGH . This supplement is uncompromised and the real thing.

Will this HGH Support supplement trigger an athletic or other drug test?

No. HGH is a natural body substance. Accordingly, it will NOT register on any drug test because it is a substance all human bodies have. (However, it just might help you win an athletic competition. But then keep your secret advantage to yourself.)


Body lose of HGH production:

Gaining weight, aging and illness are the primary causes of the relative level of HGH your body has  dropping lower and lower. The effects then are still more weight gain, muscle lose, declining levels of energy, lack of motivation, often depression and difficulty maintaining focus. This can lead to cascading worsening of those effects.

Is it worth the money?

Getting injections of HGH (which we do not recommend) can run up to $1500 per month and require a doctors prescription. Our Oral HGH Support supplement is a tiny fraction of the cost.

If this is something my body produces naturally why do I need it?

HGH is something our bodies utilize as a child to help us grow. As we get older our bodies produce less of it. This can start happening at a young age. With the aggressive fast paced life style most of us live, our bodies are especially strained in combating the effects of aging. Our Oral HGH Support does something that no other "anti-aging" supplements do - and that is not only do help you LOOK young - they help you FEEL young.

Being overweight reduces the relative HGH your body can produce. As your energy declines you burn less calories, meaning still more weight gain and the downward spiral. Your complexion also can suffer.  Increasingly you just won't want to really DO anything physical. You'll walk slower, avoid stairs, move slower. In ways you don't even perceive, you are moving less. That means you are burning less calories.

What should I be concerned about?
Be wary of marketing schemes claiming they have the modern "fountain of youth" drug. Be wary of fake "doctors" and "specialists." Mostly, beware of any product with HGH Support on the label that lists vitamins and herbs. Some of those are definitely beneficial, but they have NOTHING to do with Human Growth Hormone levels in your body. If the claim they have studies showing otherwise, they're fake.

What about HGH Support injections?
Directly injecting HGH is something that should be discussed with your licensed physician only. Heed caution and remember there are lots of fake "doctors" online. We recently read of an individual who paid $300 to one of these fake online doctors and ended up injection Armor All into himself (what people spray on their tires to make the shiny.) Do not buy injection HGH online because there is no way of telling if these are true doctors.

No. However our Oral HGH Support supplements are the real deal and 100% safe, but also VERY potent. So follow the usage instructions.

You might be surprise that the capsules are SMALL, not those giant herbal capsules or pills. or pills. The reason is because ours contains NO fillers, NO herbs, and the ingredients are 100% pure and uncut/undiluted. (Few people realize that most pills and capsule they buy are over 90% fillers such as calcium). We DO NOT USE FILLERS. We do not CUT ingredients with cheap stuff or reduce concentrations.

For this reason we advise you do NOT exceed the recommended 2 per day.
IF you are SERIOUSLY overweight and feel you NEED to take more, do not more than double that and ONLY for a few days. BALANCING also is important.

In our bodies the pituitary gland releases the growth hormone. This growth hormone (IFG-1) once our bodies sense that it has enough a message is sent back to our brain to stop producing the growth hormone. As we age our bodies produce less and less HGH. Other factors such as lack of adequate sleep, chronic stress, and high blood sugar can decrease the amount of HGH produced. Our Oral HGH Support supplement supports the natural HGH our body is not producing enough of.

How does HGH Support help me lose weight?
HGH is a growth hormone. The growth hormone increases lipolysis (decreases fat). It also helps other mechanisms which aid in weight loss such as increase protein synthesis, increase sacromere growth, reduce liver uptake of glucose and gluconeogenesis, and supports the pancreas and its production of crucial hormones. hormones.

HGH supports and initiates the growth of tissue and decreases adipose tissue (se tissue (<). Because it promotes the growth of good tissue it is beneficial for muscle building and anyone who wants a favorable body composition and weight. HGH also increases bone health and general physical well being.

True Oral HGH Support

Click on picture above for larger image
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Amount Per Capsule
261,000 IU/mmg Proprietary
Equal Ratios Except 2:1:1 BCAA
(+)-(S)-2,5-Diaminovaleric acid, (+)-(S)-2,5-Diaminopentanoic acid
L-Omithine a-ketoglutarate
2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic acid
2-Amino-4-carbamoylbutanoic acid
Aminoethanoic acid
OKG/L-Omithine a-ketoglutarate
BCAA/Branch Amino Acid Chain
Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine
in a 2:1:1 Ratio
*No Daily % Value Established

*IU means "International Units," is the actual the method used to measure all OTCDs, prescription and other active substances based upon units of active elements rather than weight or volume. or volume.

(Real HGH Support is expensive - very expensive) expensive).

Your HGH Support is mailed to you by FAST United States Post Office priority mail delivery confirmation separate from other products you might order. 

We KNOW you want your order F-A-S-T so we literally take all packages directly to the post office to avoid the 1 day wait for them to pick up, which can result then in 2 days extra days of delay for sorting. sorting.  

(Human Growth Hormone Support)ne Support)

Don't just lose weight, also look young!

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Amount Per Capsule
261,000 IU/mmg Proprietary
Equal Ratios Except 2:1:1 BCAA (+)-(S)-2,5-Diaminovaleric acid, (+)-(S)-2,5-Diaminopentanoic acid
L-Omithine a-ketoglutarate
2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic acid 2-Amino-4-carbamoylbutanoic acid
Aminoethanoic acid
OKG/L-Omithine a ketoglutarate
BCAA/Branch Amino Acid Chain
Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine
in a 2:1:1 Ratio
*No Daily % Value Established
(Introductory OVER 60% OFF SALE - Will NOT last long)

  These prices WILL increase with our next inventory when current inventory sell-out.
(And it tends to sell-out FAST)


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HGH Support
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HGH Support
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HGH Support
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A Super Toss In Item
at a Super Discount!

Click on book picture for info
True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide
Miracle Path To Wellness

by Mary Wright

THE book on Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.
If you only read 1 book this
year on personal health, this is it!

Retail is $27.95

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cover postage costs

Click on book picture for info
rue Power of Hydrogen Peroxide
Miracle Path To Wellness

by Mary Wright

THE book on Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.
If you only read 1 book this
year on personal health, this is it!

Retail is $27.95
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$17.95.If ordering other products,
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Pool & Spa Test Strips

Test Strips

Pool - Spa

easures the Hydrogen Peroxide level from 0 to 90 ppm in pools. Easy to use with instant results. 25 Strips.

Price: $16.17

to determine your personal level of body acidity
This is NOT a roll of swimming pool pH test paper like many others are selling online. These are 80 pH test strips specifically for testing the pH level of the human body. Do you even know your acidity level? If not, you should check it.
 $8.86 FREE shipping/mailing
Supply of 80 Human Body pH Test Strips 

Both those interested in their personal Wealth and Wellness AND Pool, hot tub and Spa owners should read
The True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path to Wellness by Mary Wright
It has very practice, importance and specific guidelines and instructions.
Our MOST Recommended h2o2 Health Product
THE MOST POWERFUL 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for Internal Use
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