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Organic Sea Salt is the easiest way to spice up your diet to the benefit of your health

Plus the life essential benefit of CELLULAR ESSENTIAL TRACE MINERALS

Salt is the only spice necessary for life and is the most often used seasoning for food. Those who have not experienced replacing processed "table salt" with organic sea salts do not realize that like all spices, different salts provide different flavors. The selection of salt is a critical decision of all the world's great chefs and finest restaurants.

The health benefits of sea salts are found both in their high mineral content (grocery store salt is devoid of minerals) and their high sodium to chloride ratio. The most fundamental and highly used spice is salt. While excessive salt intake is harmful, depletion of salt is ultimately lethal. Salt is a natural adversary to many fungus, bacteria and virus and our bodies are dependent upon an intake of sodium.

Until you try sea salts, you probably believe all salt tastes the same, but this is very inaccurate. Salt, the most commonly used of all seasonings, is defined by its contents and with sea salts this includes various ratios of minerals and various ratios of the remnants of the micro sea life that lived and died in the water. All life on earth is dependent upon the smallest creatures of the sea as the bottom of the food chain, as our primary source of oxygen, and were the most basic of chemical changes upon minerals and amino acids are caused within these microscopic creatures.

Generally, it takes LESS sea salt for same level of saltiness because of the high sodium to chloride ratio - and sea salts additionally contains dozens of trace minerals necessary for life - which table salt does not. Generally cheap table salt is surface mined from large salt flats, for which the minerals were wash away long ago. Table salt also is the salt most exposed to contamination.

"Grocery store" sea salt is primarily the by-product of desalination plants. There are MANY reasons NOT to use cheap generic sea salt found in grocery stores for this reason. First, this salt tends to be highly contaminated due to the water sources used for desalination factories. The process also strips away most the necessary mineral content and the heat process used in desalination destroys the complex  micro structures of sea salt and salt water. 

You may find this difficult to believe until you experience fine sea salts, but sea salt can become somewhat addictive and it is common for people to carry it in their purses or little containers for when the go restaurant dining.

Processed salt is devoid of all minerals and complex molecular structures - unique to each source of the sea salt. Cheap, generic sea salt also a processed salt devoid of minerals and other organic ingredients. It is these minerals and molecular structures that not only provide the health benefits of sea salt, but also the favor. The different ratios of minerals and molecular structures of each provides than a different spicing of the taste of the food.

Many minerals have their unique taste. Vitamin/mineral pills are usually coated to block any taste so many people believe that minerals are tasteless. As some artificially produced vitamins from mass production taste terrible, vitamin and vitamin/mineral pills are coated. The complex and subtle ratios and mixes within sea salt within each salt granule make it impossible to artificially duplicate.

What spice is more critical in cooking than salt?

Documented medical studies have shown enormous health benefits resulting from changing for processed table salt to sea salt - this foremost due to increasing mineral intake and reducing sodium chloride intake. Sea salts are naturally ionized, therefore assisting to maintaining and restoring the ionic and magnetic field within cell structures of the human body.  Many people around the world will actually add some salt (not a lot) to water they drink for this reason and medical studies have shown health benefits in doing so.

Some believe certain salts have spiritual and mystical properties.

We suggest you try sea salt, however, because you will LOVE how it improves the taste of your food. You will enjoy actually chewing your food, rather than just wolfing it down quickly. People who eat slower also tend to eat less. Your intake of sodium chloride will be reduced because it takes less salt for the same saltiness - and if you enjoy your meals more you might have less need for high calorie sweets for snacks.

Below are dozens of the most popular or unique -offered is small quantities suitable for your personal kitchen use. Sea salt will go a long way and can be used in place of table salt for all cooking. However, you will come to reduce the amount of salt of you actually use.


DEAD SEA SALT (a product of Israel):

The most popular of all true organic sea salts, this product of Israel is produced by solar drying waters of the ancient waters of the Dead Sea dating back to the age of the ancient Egyptians. Bathing in the Dead Sea for health benefits has been practiced for centuries and the Dead Sea is the saltiest water in the world. High in minerals that washed off the highly fertile surrounding ancient lands, the mineral content of Dead Sea Salt is very high. The health benefits of the mineral rich soil of this region in the past was so recognized that Roman considered feeding their legions with wheat and barley from this region was an absolute necessity for the stamina of Roman Legionnaires and why they considered the region of such great strategic importance. Millions of people worldwide use fine ground Dead Sea salt in their salt shakers and cooking. It also is very popular for spas and hot tubs and is an ingredient in Sea Soak.

If others have boasted to you of sea salt or you are looking for the best choice to begin exploring sea salts, fine ground Dead Sea salt is an excellent choice. It remains the most popular true sea salt in the world.

This is the most ancient of all sea salts - so ancient that it actually comes from underground mines high up in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet between India and China.

How can an ocean sea bed be in the world highest mountain range, hundreds of feet underground?

Most sea salt is either processed from the ocean or sea itself, or from surface or shallow salt mines.  As salt mines originated in sea beds, they are found in low spots of the world.

Yet Himalayan Mountain pink sea salt is mined from deep underground mines - that are high up in the Himalayan mountain range. This is due how extremely ancient the salt is. Since the ancient ocean dried to form a salt bed many hundreds of feet deep, the entire area was pushed up to make the highest mountain range in the world, with the two massive earth crust plates pushing one over the other across hundreds of millions of years - also then covering over the sea bed with rock. Originating from this ancient ocean possibly at the origins of life itself that even pre-dates dinosaurs, the endless movement of the earth's crust eventually pushed this extremely ancient sea salt bed upon into the Himalayan Mountain range.

For the known history of Tibet, they have followed salt shafts deeper and deeper into the Himalayan Mountains.

For millenniums, Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt has been considered to have mystical properties among Tibetans, with this belief travel both East to China and West to the ancient Britons.

Many claim that Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt is naturally ionized and possesses magnetic qualities that are highly beneficial. The scientific community estimates that the magnetic field of the earth has declined by over 90% across time - the basic for the growth of interest in magnetic field beds, chair pads and even bruising-repair magnetic pads.
Mining of Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt is highly restricted and controlled due to its mystical and spiritual importance of Tibetan religious practices. It is only mined by hand and transported by local salt miners and merchants by hand (carried on Yaks) whose practices date back through known recorded history. Time to time, political and military conflict in the region has cut off the supply.

The mining, transport and trade route of Himalayan Mountain red sea salt to the West has not changed for centuries. The primary point of distribution is the Muslim country of Pakistan and originates back to when the Muslim empire controlled India, which is on the border with Himalayan Mountain range and Tibet.  Pakistani spice merchants remain the exports of this rare and unique salt to this day.

Some anthropologists believe the importance given to the color red throughout Eastern history traces back to the mystical and magical qualities given to Himalayan Mountain red sea salt and the highly spiritual Tibetan people whose spirituality had defining and enduring effect upon all Eastern religions. The pink color is due to a iron content of the salt. In it's natural state, iron is red (why rust is red). Most people have iron deficient diets.
Candidly, this is our favorite of all sea salts for most cooking purposes and is the salt in our salt shakers. The taste is unique and pleasing.   It has a very salty tasting, so you use notably less salt, while having the benefits of the mineral contents of the Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt.

To read more of Himalayan salt, read:

"Himalayan salts are salts extracted from the intertwining bodies of water deep within the mountains of the Himalayas. It sometimes comes out in a reddish or pink color, with some crystals having an off-white to transparent color. It is commonly used for cooking similar to regular table salt, brine, bath products, and is popular for its therapeutic properties.
A perfect Himalayan salt crystal contains 84 minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Iron. The book titled “Water and Salt, The Essence of Life”, by Dr. Barbara Hendel and biophysicist Peter Ferreira, made a through analysis of the chemical composition of Himalayan salts." 


Because the source is from deep within the Himalayan Mountain range where it has been trapped for hundreds of millions of years, it has never been exposed to any modern chemicals, toxins, and radiation sources - making it the purest of all salt - processed or sea salt. Because it is trapped within the mountains themselves, the minerals have not been leached out - making it possibly the highest ratio of minerals of any sea salt from which there are health benefits and provides for its highly flavorful and unique taste. .

The reasons we prefer Himalayan Mountain Salt?

1. Because it's taste is SO salty, you need much less for the same salt flavoring

2. It has an very high mineral content having accumulated over eons without water wash-off

3. Being anciently buried underground, it has never been exposed to any human-made contaminates, toxins, heavy metals and radiation sources.

MEDITERRANEAN SEA SALT (a product of France):

A key source of the favor of Greek and Italian cuisine dating back to the age of Roman and ancient Greece, Mediterranean Sea Salt is probably the most popular sea salt for European cooking. This classic gourmet sea salt dates back to the Greeks and Romans.

Hand a French chef a typical pound container from a grocery store and the only use it would ever possibly find is to be used to put out a grease fire. SEASONING is the key to all fine cooking and salt is the most critical of all spices.
La Baleine, Salins du Midi, is a Mediterranean sea salt produced in the Aigues-Mortes saltworks, in Camargue, France since 1856. Salt has been produced on this site since before the Roman occupation. It is gathered from the salt-pan at Aigues-Mortes, a protected area covering some 10,800 hectares of untamed land, approximately the same size as inner-city Paris.

On this natural site, where wildlife and flora remain untouched, salt has been gathered since Antiquity when the Roman engineer, Peccius, was in charge of production. La Baleine - naturally evaporated sea salt from France. They believe the salt itself has such an exquisite taste, that they want you to taste the salt itself alone - as well as then with part of the meal. These crystals crunch satisfyingly between your teeth and dissolves quickly.

SPANISH SEA SALT (a product of Spain):

The core of true gourmet Spanish cuisine for centuries.

When people read "Spanish" cooking, in this country they usually think of typical "Mexican" food restaurants - simple dishes with beans, rice and meat in simply flour or corn tortillas with tomato based hot pepper sauce. But this is NOT Spanish cuisine.

Spain is the first European country to extensively explore the world and in that era was the wealthiest of all European countries. In the past, the primary luxury of prosperity was in a diverse and excellent selection of food and meals.
To be fair, "Mexican" food sold in most restaurants in the USA are not "Mexican" at all and it is an insult to suggest they represent gourmet Mexican cooking. Rather, they are originated in the meals of the poorest in Mexico's society.  Fine Mexican  cuisine tends to be evolved forms of  gourmet Spanish receipts - which generally can not be found in USA restaurants.

True "Spanish" traditional meals is probably the most diverse collection in the world and those how have ever read a Spanish gourmet cookbook are stunned at the diversity and unusual mixing of ingredients from around the world with no resemblance to Mexican restaurant food. One reason true Spanish gourmet menus have not gained widespread popularity is due to the costly and oft difficult to find ingredients in this and most other countries.

As these Spanish receipts evolved across centuries, of course they were developed with the salt favoring being Spanish Sea Salt.
Those who opt for Spanish Sea Salt do so because they prefer the favor, because they wish their spices to be true to their heritage, or because they want to use Spanish sea salt for when they prepare their own Spanish cuisine.

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Did you bookmark this website? If you order from a retail website at higher prices we would not be able to refund the purchase. Those are independent retailers who can charge whatever they wish. We are not responsible for the contents of their websites, higher prices they may charge and their delivery time frames.

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