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Urgent Notice About Organic Hydrogen Peroxide
 Please Read: Never Use Organic Peroxide for any Internal Health Purpose or Skin Contact  
    Stated simply, there is no such thing as "organic" hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide a natural chemical but is not an organic substance. Anyone advertising "food grade hydrogen peroxide" is falsely labeling and advertising. Organic peroxide is an entirely different - and deadly - chemical never to used in or on your body. NEVER buy any peroxide that is claimed to be "organic."

No legitimate, real company would claim they are selling "organic" food grade hydrogen peroxide. Organic peroxide is extremely toxic.
Food grade hydrogen peroxide is not organic, but it is 100% natural and contains no toxins of any kind.

     Home based bottle fillers of health products has become the curse of the Internet. T
heir sales practice often is to make any claim whatever will make a sale. The F.D.A. found that over 80% of their health products do not contain what is on the label or advertised. They also tend to do bait and switch, advertising a low price but then the website has the highest prices of all.

     The Internet has been flooded with people selling health products they make themselves in their house, garage, dorm room or apartment. With zero overhead costs and unregulated, they can put anything in bottles and label it as anything, claiming anything in their ad listings, whether or not accurate. Some do this only to make fast money with no regards to what they are selling or harm they may be causing. Many will claim anything including false advertising and falsely labeling their bottles that they believe will convince people to buy from them. This is particularly dangerous for health products people put into their bodies.
This is so serious that an F.D.A. study found that over 80% of health products sold by home-based sellers (even if they make their listings look like from a real company) do not contain any of the ingredients claimed on the label. While the Internet has become an excellence source of health and dietary products, it is also is highly inviting to con-artists and corrupt people motivated by greed. Unfortunately, because anyone can buy empty bottles and print labels off a home printer making any false claims and false labeling, the online health and dietary products market has been flooded by such people. Because fraudulent products are virtually a pure profit, they tend to also heavily advertise.

    This is a warning about homebased merchants claiming they are selling organic hydrogen peroxide - and an urgent warning about organic peroxides. Organic peroxides are made from petrochemicals (oil) in large petroleum refineries usually from benzene. Benzene is extremely carcinogenic (causes cancers), destroys organics, causes major nerve damage, cellular dna damage and brain damage. Organic peroxide is extremely health destructive, though if ingested in trace amounts the health destruction may not be noticed at first and will worsen over time to ultimately being lethal either by organ destruction or cancer.

     Recently, a few new home-based internet merchants sellers who fill and label bottles in their home are advertising and labeling that their hydrogen peroxide is "organic." In fact, there is no such thing as "organic" hydrogen peroxide. All such listings are false advertising and labeling. Should you trust a product if you know the label is false? Of course not.

                                           EXPLAINING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "NATURAL" AND "ORGANIC."
     "Organic" means something that was living, such as herbs, plants, meat etc - or made from something that was living at one time. Hydrogen peroxide is not organic. There is not such substance as organic hydrogen peroxide. There is organic peroxide and it is extremely healthy destructive.

Pure hydrogen peroxide is h2o2. That means it is water (h2o) with an extra oxygen molecule (o). Since neither water or oxygen are organic, no pure food grade hydrogen peroxide can possibly be organic. If what is in a bottle is "organic" then it can not possibly be pure food grade hydrogen peroxide. Simply stated, the label is false and you do not know what is really in such labeled bottles.
      Hydrogen peroxide in pure form is the natural chemical h2o2. That means it is water (h2o) with an extra oxygen atom (o) - so it is h2o2 (or h2o+o). In liquid form oxygen is very densely packed. It is the extra pure oxygen atom is that is the miracle  working element of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide - oxygen. Because it is fundamentally water and oxygen, it is a non-toxic natural chemical. However, it is not organic. Organic peroxide is something entirely different.

     "Organic peroxide" is artificially produced atoms of ROOR, R-O-OH, FC(O)OOR, and R-O-O-O-R manufactured out of oil (petrochemical oil, not vegetable oil) in oil refineries. The R in the chemical description stands for "free Radical." It is well known that you do not want to ingest any form of free radicals. "Radical" means destructive.
     Organic Peroxide is primarily made from benzene (which is extremely harmful to health). Organic Peroxide is used mostly in the production of plastics and explosives. Organic Peroxide is produced out of petrochemicals (oil) - something you never want to put into your body. Petrochemicals are technically considered "organic" as it is believed it originates from ancient life. The petrochemical aspect is why it is called "organic" peroxide.
   Organic peroxides are a completely different from food grade hydrogen peroxide. Organic peroxides are  extremely toxic substances made with benzene in petroleum refining. Benzene is the most health destroying by-product of petrochemical refining.
   Organic peroxides are called "organic" because they are made from petrochemicals, which is considered an organic substance. Organic peroxides have extremely dangerous "free radicals" resulting from being made from benzene, an extremely carcinogenic and dna destroying petrochemical. Organic peroxide is not food grade hydrogen peroxide, which is 100% natural and 100% non-toxic.
       While "organic peroxide" sounds safe and natural, it is extremely toxic. Some of the most deadly, poisonous substances are "organic." Petroleum is organic and very toxic. Benzene is organic, and very toxic. Organic Peroxide is a by-product of petroleum and benzene so is both "organic" and extremely toxic- very destructive to a person's body.
      Hydrogen Peroxide in pure from is one of the base chemicals on chemical charts and an oxygen rich non-toxic miracle substance of water and oxygen combined. Neither water or oxygen are organic, both are a chemical. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is not "organic." Organic peroxides are 100% entirely different and can be called organic because they are a petrochemical (oil) by-product of benzene, which is made from petroleum.

     "Organic" does not mean safe. People wisely prefer "organic" food. From this, some people conclude all organic products are safe. In fact, the most deadly poisons and toxic substances usually are "organic." Disease in organic. Poisonous venom is organic. Deadly viruses, bacteria and fungus are all "organic." Cancer is "organic." Gasoline and petrochemicals are considered "organic."

        It is likely that a home-based bottle filling merchant falsely labeling bottles as "organic food grade hydrogen peroxide" believes buyers are fooled believing the word "organic" means natural and safe. However, organic peroxide is not natural. It is a deadly petrochemical having nothing to do with hydrogen peroxide. But if they deliberately making false claims and using false labeling, can you believe anything the seller claims?
      Under no circumstance should you put "organic" peroxide in or on your body. It destroys cells and organs it contacts causing massive or lethal internal damage. In highly diluted form, the health destruction of organic peroxide would be happen across time with the most terrible long term health destruction. Never - under any circumstance - use organic peroxide for any health purpose. Although it contains the word "peroxide," organic peroxide is a completely different substance with no relationship to food grade hydrogen peroxide.
     In simple terms, any ad or listing offering "organic hydrogen peroxide" is false. Any bottle labeled as food grade hydrogen peroxide is falsely labeled. No exceptions. Organic hydrogen peroxide does not exist because hydrogen peroxide as it is not organic. "Organic peroxide" is not hydrogen peroxide. It is an extremely dangerous petrochemical by-product made from benzene that extremely toxic and health destructive.
      If a merchant is offering "organic food grade hydrogen peroxide," you should be concerned since there is no such thing as organic food grade hydrogen peroxide. It literally does not exist. Since the labeling is false, do you know what really is in that bottle since it is not fraudulently labeled? If you know a label describing the contents is false, how can you know what is in that bottle?

      No food grade hydrogen peroxide is "organic."" It would be a fair question to FIRST ask the seller of how can his food grade hydrogen peroxide - which is simply water and oxygen combined - be "organic" since neither water or oxygen are organic? If the explanation given for using "organic" in the description and/or label is claiming that it was made from organic substances, then it is one of the deadly organic peroxides. Either the online seller falsely put "organic" on the label because it sounds good - or because it is highly poisonous organic peroxide. Either way the bottle does not contain what the label claims.
    Our 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is 100% pure and natural, without harmful stabilizers or heavy metals. It meets F.D.A. and Chemical Codex standards so safe as to be used with food (meaning internal consumption). This is why it is "food grade" - meaning pure and uncontaminated. Most other grades of h2o2 are for industrial usage with very health destructive stabilizers, heavy metals and chemicals.
SUMMARY:  There is no such thing as organic hydrogen peroxide. "Organic peroxides" are made in petrochemical refineries from benzene and are extremely toxic and health destroying. Pure food grade hydrogen peroxide is a natural 100% chemical and is not organic. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is 100% nature, pure, non-toxic, safe and very beneficial to health. Help spread the this information.


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