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Guardian Of Eden
Rocket 88
200ppm (minimum) Colloidal Silver
Minerals, Aminos and Fulvic

     This page explains the basics and health theory of Guardian of Eden's Rocket 88.

     Although Rocket 88 was first invented and made over a decade ago, it has never been available for general public sale. In private sales it sold for over $10 per liquid ounce and with a waiting list. A very limited supply is available due to a production over run. Rocket 88 is an ingredient in other top end supplements and the production run produced more Rocket 88 than the other ingredients in those products. This is 100% Rocket 88 in its pure, undiluted and non-mixed form.

Theory Behind Rocket 88

     This product is by Guardian Of Eden, a premier health and dietary suppliers with a very exact perspective on human health. Their premise is that the human body as a super colony of as many as 75 trillion individual cells. The human body can not be healthy if your cells are not healthy. One of the needs of most cells is minerals, including trace minerals. Due to commercial agriculture long ago depleting the minerals from the land most people have a severe deficiency in trace minerals. While plants can manufacture vitamins, they can only obtain minerals from the ground. If the ground lacks minerals, the plants and the animals that eat the plants all will be devoid of essential minerals.

      Many diseases, organ failures and illnesses orginate in cellular failure or cellular deformity, such as with tumors. Over time the organs of the body weaken and deteriorate. This also can lead to a person over-eating, constantly feeling hungry. It is not calories the body is starving for, but mineral deficiency. Any weight management plan absolutely should include the best mineral supplementation possible. The same applies to anyone in athletic competition or battling an illness or health issues due to aging.

      In addition to our food being deficient in minerals, most mineral supplements do little good as the particles of the minerals are too large. Cells are microscopic in size and most minerals do not dissolve or break down in the human body. Plants can break down minerals, but not unless they are in the soil, which is now largely void of minerals.

Most mineral supplements people take are worthless because the particle size of the minerals is the size of boulders to human cells, meaning the minerals are not absorbed and instead just excreted out of your body unused. As example, if you swallowed an old solid silver dime you would have technically consumers a massive amount of silver. However in terms of your body you would have consumed no silver supplment as it simply would pass thru your body being too large for cells. The same is true for most mineral supplements. While the label may tell you of mineral contents accurately, that does not mean the minerals are in a beneficial form and size particles.

What is Rocket 88?

      Guardian Of Eden developed a unique proprietary system that uses the natural adversity of certain natural substances to break down the full collection of minerals the body needs to absorbable size, including all trace minerals. The reaction between the microscopic sized particle of the minerals and other natural ingredients is intense, producing enormous pressure and heat at the atomic level of the individual atoms of the particles. The natural reaction is so intense that the energy rivals that rocket launch. When beginning a new production run they refer to it as a "launching" a new production run. Each stage booms as the energy expands rapidly thru the multi-stage processing. No fire, electricity or any other artificial means are involved in this natural reaction between the particles. Only 100% natural and non-toxic substances and minerals are used. Nothing is artificial in the ingredients, processing or final product.

    Nearly 3 years in development, the natural energy release is so intense it is equated to trying to control a large bomb continuously going off as the energy released at the the level of atoms literally is shattering the minerals to increasingly small size particles. This reaction, 100% natural chemistry, of trillions of such micro “explosions” every millisecond literally blows the particles apart to smaller and smaller sized, ultimately to the size of individual atoms – making them perfectly absorbable.

      When broken down this small, the number of individual particles and atoms of the minerals is trillions times trillions, for which the intense process takes approximately 3 months to complete. The collective effect in production is similar to a rocket engine going off continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for week after week until the reaction finally is completed when there are no particles large enough to fracture. This also making it a self regulating system of perfectly consistent results as it is nature itself that determines when the process is complete. While the process is long, costly, complex and intense, every aspect is 100% natural - pursuant to G.O.E.'s overall policy and philosophy. The result is the perfect mineral supplement as the minerals are broken down to usable size at the cellular level.

Why Is It Called "Rocket 88?"

    The product name Rocket 88 comes from the extreme reaction on the micro scale between nano size  natural mineral particles in pure form being so intense it rivals the pressure and force of a rocket engine. This is a continuous process of ultimately breaks down the minerals to as small as individual atoms. The result is the purest form of all essential and trace minerals sized to be absorbable cellular level. The first commercial production took 88 days. The two aspects were combined leading to the name Rocket 88, as in rocket fuel for your cells.

Rocket 88 Is Stabilized

     Rocket 88 is a "stabilized" health supplement resulting from the process itself. This means it will not adversely interact with or degrade other health and dietary supplements you make take. In many ways, Rocket 88 is unique and extraordinary health supplement unlike any other. However, Guardian Of Eden has some extraordinary views of human health. There is a curious statement we found in one of Guardian Of Eden's materials you might find interesting as it tells of the company's perspect of personal healthcare and health supplements. Click here to read.

      Many people do not realize that many health supplements can clash negatively with each other directly or in health effect. The exception for Rocket 88 is you should check with your qualified healthcare professional before using Rocket 88 with prescription drugs. Even with professional approval, you should not use Rocket 88 within 2 hours of taking prescription medication and not within 24 hours of a vaccination (before or after) as Rocket 88 may destroy the vaccination due to many vacinnations being a weakened form of the disease it is to address. No known virus can live if in contact with Rocket 88.   

Holographic Assurance Seals
     Premier Guardian Of Eden products have two holographic seals overlapping the edge of the bottle label. One has a unique serial number for each individual bottle. If removed, the holographic seal will tear away strips. This is to avoid counterfeiting of their premier products such as Rocket 88. This is an example of their attention to quality and quality assurance control.

 Limited Availability

    This offer of Guardian Of Eden Rocket 88 is available for general public sale for the first time only due to a production overrun. A primary supplier of products and ingredients for other top dollar health product outlets and health professionals, due to the long production time as much as might possibly be needed was produced. This resulted in a slight overage. This sale is for that production overage as G.O.E. has very strict standards on avoiding any old stock - even if it will never deteriorate such as colloidal silver. Accordingly, the quantity is very limited and sale is limited to 1 per customer. When sold out this product will not be available at any price nor could more possibly be available for 3 months - if ever again - for general public sales. We anticipate this will sell out very quickly.

     The good news is that since there are 300 drops in an ounce of liquid, a quart will last you a very long time, generally about a year.  

     It is not a hard pressure sales pitch in our stating if you want the product do not delay. When it is sold out it will be months before it might be available again, if ever. As stated, this is an unheard of low price due to being an overstock clearance item to meet G.O.E.'s strict "sell or discard" policies. We are one of the few companies authorized to sell a limited selection of G.O.E. products and are delighted to be able to offer at least a few of this to our own customers and clients. We also would suggest you review Guardian Of Eden's Jutrian Rx, another Guardian of Eden premier health product. Rocket 88 is part of the ingredients.

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