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     Before using or buying colloidal silver please take a few minutes to read this page. The page tells you of various types of products labeled as "colloidal silver" (less than 5% is), how each is made, the benefits and risks of each and what it looks and smells like. 
     The most simple definition is microscopic size silver molecule clusters suspended in pure water by water tension (the "sticky" nature of water (h2o).
What is Colloidal Gold? What are the benefits of Colloidal Silver? 
Please Read

      The usage of silver for health benefits dates back over 2000 years and continues even within the modern medical profession. However, the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA)  has strictly outlawed anyone manufacturing or selling colloidal silver from discussing or offering any health benefit from colloidal silver.
      The reason is because home-based sellers flooded the internet with fraudulent products false labeled colloidal silver. They also tend to advise people on their elaborate and expert looking websites that every medical condition of any kind will be immediately cured if the person will only buy their product. Some also tell people they no longer need to take their prescription medication and they no longer need to listen to their doctor. This is such a serious problem that not only is discussing health benefits prohibited in the USA, but in all European countries it is now impossible to even obtain colloidal silver without a prescription.
There is a tremendous amount of information online about Colloidal Silver for you to explore. Avoid information by anyone of possible health benefits by 1.) anyone selling it or 2.) who has a link on their website on where to buy it (meaning they are selling it). No person or company may both sell Colloidal Silver and promote it for health. This is very illegal now. So you know anyone doing so is not a legitimate business and are not really selling true colloidal silver.
   Here is how scamsters end run around regulations to get your money...
     You find a website with links to page after page of volumes of excellent information boasting of the miracles of colloidal silver. The person is selling Ultimate Silver, Nano Silver, Maxi Silver, Silver Tech, Protein Silver, Ion Silver or some other product name the person made up. You assume they mean colloidal silver because that the person has a huge website talking only about colloidal silver. But it is not colloidal silver.

     Since the person actually is not selling colloidal silver the home-based scamster broke no regulations. That you assumed it was colloidal silver was your mistake of "buyer beware" - falling for their deception as the person pockets your money. What you bought was a bottle of zero colloidal silver with no potential benefit. Hopefully it won't harm you.
     What does this mean to you?

     1. No matter how professional, knowledgeable and documented a website may appear that claims to sell colloidal silver, if the website discusses health benefits they are not selling real colloidal silver. Anyone with a website discussing health benefits of colloidal silver and selling what he/she calls colloidal silver is actually  selling is a homemade liquid that is not colloidal silver and is engaging in online fraud.

     2. If you think you may ever want colloidal silver, buy it now.
True Colloidal Silver never decomposes
A ban is very possible in the NEAR future...
     True Colloidal Silver never decomposes. If you believe you might ever want Colloidal Silver, nor or ever, we STRONGLY urge you to acquire some stock. Colloidal silver has literally been banned from sale in every European County (Economic Union) except on doctor's order and prescription. The United States F.D.A. is now also adding severe restrictions. These tend to evolve to a full ban. Additionally companies such as Amazon and Google are being convinced to block advertising it. Amazon Prime will not allow it to be stocked or listed.
     Colloidal silver and silver compounds have been used literally for at least 2000 years and thru modern medicine. However,  total ban public sales of it with a prescription may be happening very soon. Silver based ointments already now require a prescription and there is harsh prohibitions on even discussion the topic if you are not approved to do so. Yet there has never been a recorded injury or death from colloidal silver in history.
 Because colloidal silver does not decompose your inventory would be good for a lifetime. If you may be storing it for many years or decades we advise transferring it to a glass container, though that would not be necessary for a few years. Ultimately even chemical resistance plastic degrades. If in glass, true colloidal silver will still be usable centuries later, just like a pure silver coin never decomposes.
What does this mean. STOCK UP!
      The F.D.A. has strictly outlawed anyone selling colloidal silver from discussing or promising any health benefit from colloidal silver to combat the massive number of fraudulent products by home-based sellers. If you see an online listing selling colloidal silver that also discusses benefits, you can be 100% certain this is a fraudulent product by someone filling bottles at home and falsely labeling it colloidal silver.
     A study by the United States Food & Drug Administration revealed that over 80% of health and dietary products sold by home based sellers - despite professional looking websites - does not contain even 1% of what is claimed. Literally people are filling bottles and capsules in their kitchens, garages and dining room tables with anything cheap and then falsely labeling it whatever they want to claim.
The Following Info is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to know
How is Colloidal Silver made?
Or more precisely what is in bottles labeled as colloidal silver being sold online?
5 Possible Contents Sold Online As Colloidal Silver
How is it made & what is the benefit & value of each?
The 5 Types of Colloidal Silver Sold Online
IONIC SILVER - Usually falsely labeled as Colloidal Silver
Example of "Ionic Generators" sold as Colloidal Silver Generators for $30 to $250 
Ionic Silver made by electrolysis: Benefit/Value: Little health value
       A few years ago a few home-based individuals started selling kits so people could make their own colloidal silver by electrolysis for $20 to $400. They explained how the person could make massive 10,000% profits by then selling the colloidal silver online. The kits are just a small transformer (basically small battery charger), wire with alligator clips, a couple of jars, silver wire and a cheap PPM meter. They do not make colloidal silver. They make ionic silver, which is worthless.
      Possibly even believing it actually is colloidal silver, they flooded the Internet with websites as if a real company and experts in colloidal silver, EBay and Amazon with bottles they filled putting labels on reading "Colloidal Silver" and how many PPMs (parts per million) it is.  It is not colloidal silver.
     Ionic silver is a homemade product by cheap electric transformers usually offered in the 15ppm to 50pmm range. The seller may inaccurately believe it is colloidal silver. Ionic silver offers little potential health benefit.

Non-silver Particles - No silver content marketing deception
Filling bottles of water with contaminates that register on PPM meter. No benefit. 
     People using their little ionic silver generators to sell it as colloidal silver are capable of make only very small quantities. What do they do if they have more orders than they can fulfill? Some realized people have no way to test the liquid other than a PPM meter, which only measures particles in water. Tap water, well water, mineral water, lake water or just adding salt, sugar, alum or any other substance will register PPMs the same as silver particles. Unfortunately, some home-based sellers opt for to do so.
     Some home-bases sellers are selling water that will register particulate matter on a PPM meter, but contains no silver in any form. 
Protein Silver - sold as Colloidal Silver at extremely high prices 
Currently the WORST fake Colloidal Silver sold online
Mixing silver powder with gelatin (or other "protein") claiming as much as 50,000 PPM
 Benefit/value: None. Fraud & Rip-off
     There is a seller online selling what is called Colloidal Silver, an example being Ultra Silver (T) for as much as $399.00 per quart, claiming it is 10,000ppm. The website explains how dozens of gallons of lower PPM colloidal silver could be made from this and offers distributorships. The product is not colloidal silver.
      Since materials that discuss colloidal silver often refer to PPMs (parts per million), these sellers hope no one questions what it really is. It is not possible to make 10,000 PPM colloidal silver as water would never be able to suspend that much silver volume and weight. Silver is a metal. There is no "protein" in colloidal silver. So what is protein silver?
      Protein silver is made by simply mixing silver powder with a "protein" such as gelatin (Jell-O) to suspend the silver powder in. This is then added to water. It can be made to register extremely high Parts Per Million. No if it is colloidal silver. The size of the particles are so huge they are the size of boulders to your cells and offer no more benefit that if you swallowed an old silver mercury head dime.
      Simply, protein silver is just dumping a little bit of silver powder into something like gelatin and then mixing it with water. Because it registers very high on PPM meters, the sellers then seek an astronomical mark-up of 1,000% to 10,000% - pouring their money into pop-up ads and giving a big percentage to others who will engage in the fraud.
SUMMARY ON PROTEIN SILVER - Extreme fraud rip-off 
        Often marketed thru pop-up ads. Protein silver is a fake fraud product made by just putting silver powder in any substance such as gelatin and mixing it with water. There is NO benefit potential from this product and it is just a fraud to show extremely high PPMs on a PPM meter - as high as 50,000 PPM. It is then sold at very extreme markups including thru pop-up ads and pyramid marketing schemes.
Please spread the word. There is NO "protein" in colloidal silver. This product is a 100% scam by home-based scamsters. 
Silver Nitrate - always falsely labeled as colloidal silver 
Benefit/value: None. Health risks are high.  
       To save money on the cost of silver, some people making colloidal silver at home use much less expensive silver nitrate. In the distant past silver nitrate was used in VERY low concentration as a treatment of certain symptoms of STDs. There is no medical advantage in consuming silver nitrate and it will discolor skin (permanently) like light blue dye. There are numerous internal risks associated with it's usage. The "blue man" was the result of his using what he thought was colloidal silver he made from silver nitrate and both drinking and bathing with it. This permanently turn his skin an increasingly deeper blue color. Concentrated silver nitrate is toxin. He has since died of cancer.
      Some people confuse silver nitrate with colloidal silver due to it used as a medical product many decades ago when other treatments were not available. It was used as a topical solution put on skin in extremely low concentration. Silver Nitrate can permanently discolor skin and will do so if at any notable concentration level. It has no internal usage benefit and internal consumption of Silver Nitrate (including mislabeled as colloidal silver) poises many very serious health risks. Liquid made with silver nitrate may have a light grey or light yellow tint.

What Color is Colloidal Silver? Scroll down

The Evolution of Online Fraud by Home-based Sellers

This is just FYI if you are interested, or skip this section if not.

      We have been selling health and dietary products online since 1983 - and supply over 1,000 health supply retail stores, laboratories, government agencies, major corporations and universities, and many consumers such as you. We have seen the worsening situation for online fraud of health and dietary products across the board.

      Originally, online sales of health and dietary products online was safe, when websites and understanding computers was new to most people. We have watched this situation worsen with each year. There are now tens of thousands, if not more, people in their homes, apartments, dorms and garages filling and labeling bottles and capsules - selling such products on online. Some likely truly believe their product is real. But in fact over 80% are absolute frauds not containing any of the stated ingredients and of the most questionable quality control.

     There is an evolution of online product frauds. For colloidal silver, initially it was people buying little electrolysis kits believing they were making colloidal silver and selling it for a huge profit. But once fraud starts on a product line it becomes a contest of who has the most marketable and profitable fraud? To save money on their silver wire, most bought recycled silver from sterling silver. To save more on their silver, some began using very dangerous nitric silver.

      Realizing that most people have no way to actually know the contents, the next evolution added people in apartments and dorms just filling bottles with tap water and adding any dissolvable ingredient to register on PPM meters. Also understanding that many consumers value "colloidal silver" on PPMs, the most recent is to just dump silver powder into gelatin to suspend it and then mix this with water to show as much as 50,000 and then sell it literally for over $1000 per gallon, when it's value is exactly $0.

        There is nothing wrong with having a home-based business or even home-based production. Some likely have the best of intentions. But now to many of the home-based manufacturers/sellers operating out of their kitchen, apartment, dorm room or garage, it is only a marketing contest of who can think up a more clever and profitable scam. It is singularly about getting people's money anyway possible.

What COLOR is Colloidal Silver?
      There is so much INACCURATE information by home-based sellers it is hard to know who to believe. Many explain that their colloidal silver has a tan, brown, yellow or green tint - even claiming this proves theirs is real colloidal silver. But common sense tells you it will NOT be any of those colors. True Colloidal Silver is clear but also may appear shiny in bright light.
     Let's reason it out with common sense. Colloidal silver is very microscopic molecules of silver suspended in water. So what are the possible colors?
Water is clear.
Silver is a very light gray.
Silver also can be highly reflective, such as polished silver
So the ONLY possible colors are 1.) Clear or 2.) very light gray. There is nothing in colloidal silver that can cause any color. The particles of colloidal silver are so small they cannot be seen with the human eye. However, a laser thru the water will shine brightly due to reflecting off of the silver.
     True colloidal silver is clear, but if very concentrated may seem a bit shiny in bright light. A laser shined though it will appear brightly by reflection off of the silver. What color is highly polished silver? It doesn't have a color, it is reflective.  This the same with true usable colloidal silver. The particles of silver suspended in the water are vastly too small to see. It may only slightly reflect light. Common sense tells you true colloidal silver (with no contaminates) will be clear with no color.
      The reason sellers claim colloidal silver has some color is because what they sell in not colloidal silver and has that color.  If what they are selling has a color to the liquid, here is what is causing the color:

What Each Color in Bogus or Contaminated Colloidal Silver means.
Your common sense confirms this. ALWAYS use common sense for health products.
       BROWN, TAN,  or GRAY  is from the non-silver substance they are adding to register on a PPM meter. This is particularly true for the fraudulent "Protein Silver" mislabeled as colloidal silver. The color usually comes from the "protein" they are adding to register on ppm meters and they can make it appear to be as much as from 250ppm to 10,000ppm. It is not silver that is registering. The protein can be anything. Most often they use gelatin or glycerine, both a clear liquid added to water. Tan or brown also can come from other substances they are using to register on inexpensive meter.
        If any colors are present the product is not colloidal silver.
     YELLOW OR GREEN tint to the water means they used silver recycled from sterling silver. Sterling silver used to be extremely popular as a status symbol including tea sets, spoons and silverware, dishes, serving trays, vases, cups and other show pieces. However, due to constant polishing as it rapidly tarnishes, few people want it anymore. If you go to EBay you will find people selling scrape sterling silver for the purpose of reclaiming the silver. This is done by a chemical process that has to be repeated over and over and over and over.
      Silver is too soft to use for making usable solid objects, so other metals are added to harden it. Most often this is copper and copper sulfide. Copper in natural form is green. Copper sulfide has sulfur in it, which is yellow. So the reason someone's colloidal silver has a yellow or green tint is because they are using silver reclaimed from sterling silver to save the cost of their silver. . Usually this is because the home-made seller is using discount silver wire sold as 99.99% pure, but this is from home-based sterling silver processing and it is not 99.99% silver wire, but recycled sterling silver. Very harmful chemicals are used to recycle sterling silver. Such recycled silver is cheap compared to true pure silver which is why they use it.
   Colloidal silver with a yellow or green tint is from sulfur (yellow) and copper (green). Which one depends on the how much of each was in the sterling silver. Toxic silver nitrate also may leave a yellow tint. Silver nitrate is inexpensive but very harmful to you. Those other elements will register as a PPM measurement.
Use Your...
When you order Online
The explanation above of why colloidal silver is clear and has no color is important to understand.
    Common sense tells you that silver particles so small it would take an electron microscope to see suspended in water will have NO color at all. Water has no color. Silver is light gray. Particles so small they can not be seen have no color. Use your common sense. If the product has any color it is not from colloidal silver or any other form of silver.
 Use common sense. If someone gives you reasons why their colloidal silver is not clear regardless how impressive the website, use your common sense. Neither water nor silver is tan, brown, green or yellow in either natural or processed form. Therefore, real colloidal silver will not have a tan, brown, green or yellow tint.
How to Avoid
When ordering Health &
Dietary Products
Rules to follow when shopping online for health products
It is your health, not just money on the line
1. Use your common sense. Anyone can put up a professional website template, cut and paste studies, links to YouTube, sound like an expert and list products on Amazon and EBay.
2. Does the seller have a phone number? If on Amazon which does not allow a phone number, research the company name of the seller on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Does the person have a phone number? If not, ask yourself what is the person hiding from. (We have live customer service representatives.)
3. Does the person/company have a large variety of products? You never go into a retail health products store without seeing a huge selection. Home-based scammers with homemade fraud products tend to have a very short list of products.
If shopping for Colloidal Silver...
4. Does the person tell you how it is made? Or just a picture of a bottle with a label on it saying Colloidal Silver. Again, over 95% of what is sold as colloidal silver online is a complete fraud - deliberate or who believes someone selling a cheap kit to make colloidal silver.
5. What color is their colloidal silver? If they do not say, ask.
6. If they are claiming over 200 PPM figure it is a fraud.
7. If the ingredients include "protein" or anything but water and silver it is a fraud. However ingredient lists can be false.
If you are shopping for Colloidal Silver...

Does seller have telephone number you can call?
Over 200PPM claim is false.
How did the seller make it?
What are ingredients?

Help Spread the word of Online Fraud
     The dangers of online fraud for health and dietary products is greater than other products. It is more than a matter of a person's money being stolen. These are products people put into their body seeking health benefit. Bogus and fraudulent products at best do not and all to often are so contaminated that cause real, serious, permanent and even lethal consequences.
     Fraudulent health and dietary products also invites government intervention and banning, makes it impossible for legitimate businesses to continue offer the real product, and leads to banning of products on sales sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Help spread the word on the guidelines for safe shopping on line in general and specifically about colloidal silver.
When "Hurry, may not last long" really means it...
     You have certainly seen advertisements declaring "Supply Limited" and "This Week Only!" However, it this instance "Hurry, may not last long!" is very real. It is not because we are going to run out of inventory or that the sale suddenly will end. Rather, that there is a very good chance that public sales of colloidal silver will be outlawed without a prescription.
      Over the last 20 years we have see many health and dietary products banned from public sale and eliminating such personal health decisions.  Colloidal silver has been banned from public sale in all European countries, other silver based health products have already been banned in the USA and other restrictions recently enacted. When this happens such products become completely unavailable.
     No store and no legitimate company will sell an outlawed product, nor will any search engines carry advertisements for it. Should you find anyone selling it you could be 100% certain it is fake. If you ever think you might want colloidal silver, buy some now. Candidly a gallon is suggested and our price on gallons was been SERIOUSLY reduced. VERY SERIOUSLY REDUCED. Many people deeply involved in personal health care choice products are stocking up.

     This is not a hard-sales pitch. Every year or two a product we and many others offer is either banned for sale without prescription or 100% banned, or such costly regulations imposed the product is no longer affordable. When this happens we dispose of our inventory properly like all other companies will do. If colloidal silver is banned for sale outright or only with a prescription, we will remove it from our website and dispose of any inventory we have (meaning keeping it ourselves as it is never illegal to have, only illegal to buy or sell the substance.)

     Curiously, these bans have never been for products that have been around for decades or centuries, with no instance of anyone ever being harmed. Rather, it is a declaration that only doctors should have a say or that it needs to be heavily regulated for misrepresenting how to use it or what it does. They are never about any danger factor. No one has ever been harmed by real colloidal silver anywhere, ever. But because so many people believe in it and use it then the question is should the government regulate it and restrict it to doctor's only - if at all? To approve of a substance it has to be proven of exact benefit, even if it can not harm anyone.

      In the most real terms, if you might ever want colloidal silver, buy an inventory for yourself now. It essentially will never decompose. Just FYI. Maybe a very important one. Consider a gallon.
What is Colloidal Gold?
     Colloidal gold is nano particles of gold usually in the 10 to 30 nm. They are so small, like colloidal silver, they can only be seen in the most powerful electron microscopes. It will appear red in color due to processing. Usage of colloidal gold is controversial with differing opinions.
     Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity, which both the human body's nerves and brain uses to transmit and process information. Some believe that a small amount of colloidal gold may improve brain and nerver function. It is critical to buy colloidal gold from a very reliable source. If improperly home-made, colloidal gold can cause nerve damage. It will appear red in color due to correct processing.
     Gold chloride is most commonly used to make colloidal gold. However, it wrongly processed it is very damaging to a person's health. If you receive a product labeled as colloidal gold and it is clear, yellow or any tint but red, absolutely do NOT use it under any circumstance.
     Colloidal gold should be refrigerated or the water can become contaminated no matter how sterile it is to begin with. All air contains contaminates including bacterial, fungus and virus. If refrigerated it should be good for a least one year. It could be frozen without damaging to significantly add to years of storage, but take care the container does not burst or leak thus allowing the water to acquire a "freezer burn" taste.
Other Colloidals?
     Other than colloidal copper, which should only be used VERY sparringly, there are no other metals suitable for internal use in colloidal form. There are a few colloidal sellers offering a grocery store list of colloidal metal. Do NOT use this as they can be VERY damaging to your health. Even if they are actually true colloidals, that does not mean they are beneficial.

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Colloidal Silver essentially never decomposes and soon may not be available at any price due to pending regulations.. HUGE DISCOUNT SALE. Stock up. We highly suggest you consider a gallon. Click on any picture above for details.
We do not claim colloidal silver offers any health or biocide benefit nor do we claim it does not.
Like all personal health decisions, these are up to you to research and explore.
It is always wise to speak to who you consider a qualified health care advisor or professional.

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