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Certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
* Ozs, Pts, Quarts & Gals 35% F.G. Hydrogen Peroxide
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* Body Purification Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Bath, Pool & Hot Tub 35% F.G. H2o2 Products
* Bath & Hot Tub Kits on Sale
* Bath Splash Sale
* Sea Soak & Body Purification
* Bath, Pool & Spa 35% F.G. h2o2 quarts & gallons

Top Informational Topics
* Huge 35% Food Grade H2o2 Usage Info Page
* Why Use Hydrogen Peroxide in your Hot Tub & Pool
* Stop using Toxic Chemicals , Love your Hot Tub or Pool
* 3% 8%, 12%, 35%, Organic, Food Grade? Which to buy?
* What is Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide & how it works
* Urgent warning about Organic Peroxides
* Truth About Colloidal Silver & the 5 types of colloidals
* Importance of Cellular Health Theory Discussion
Colloidal Silver, Gold & Copper
* Colloidal Silver
* Colloidal Gold
* Colloidal Copper
* Rocket 88
* Colloidal Silver Spray Kits
* Bulk Colloidal Silver
* PPM Test Meter

Weight Loss & Youth
* 5 in 1 Skinny Pill
* Metabolizer
* Rejutac AVH-II

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Importance of Cellular Health,
    a profound & unique perspective

* The Power of Hydrogen Peroxide,
     Miracle Path To Wellness

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Certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Products

 • Fresh & densely packed with oxygen • Certified to F.D.A. and Chemical Codex Standards • No stabilizers, additives or heavy metals

  • Recommended in True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide by Mary Wright, One Minute Cure by Madison Cavanaugh. Dr. Rowen's Second     Opinion Newsletter, Dr. David G. Williams, Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle by William Campbell Douglass II, and Hydrogen Peroxide & Ozone by Conrad LeBeau

Consumer size ounces, pints, quarts & gallons
From ounces up to 4 quarts or gallons, pick the size you want. See our discount specials
Special 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Package Deals
 Save even more with our special health package deals. 
Jutrian Rx: 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Specific for Internal Therapy & Health
 6 or more quarts and gallons at wholesale prices to consumers or businesses. Free private labeling available.  
Wholesale & Bulk Quarts and Gallons
6 or more quarts and gallons at wholesale prices to consumers or businesses. Free private labeling available. 
Sale On 6 Gallons -Cost less than 5 Gal. Drum & is Safer to use
DID YOU KNOW: A 5 gallon drum of hydrogen peroxide weighs over 50 pounds (h2o2 is heavier than water) and is dangerous to lift and try to pour without splashing. We offer 6 gallons in 1 gallon containers for less than others charge for 5 gallons in a drum. Lifting and pouring gallons is safer and costs less too. Why pay more for less?
Bath, Pool & Spa Discount Packages & Gallons at discount
Stop swimming in and breathing deadly chemicals. Love your odor-free Pool or Hot Tub again
Special Bathtub & Hot Tub Packages
The most wonderful & health beneficial bath soak of your life - and you'll sleep like a baby.
Holiday Spash Special Sale
Every day can be your holiday with this Holiday Splash Special Sale
Bath Pack 
Sea Soak & Body Purification
Eliminate body mites, purify skin, oxygenation skin and vital minerals
The Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path to Wellness
If you only read one book on personal health this year, this is the book. Easy to read. Total health.
Natural Health & Dietary Supplements
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Mega Vitamins - Just 1 per day
Take one vitamin tablet a day covers it. It is that easy.
Calcium, Vitamin D & Magnesium
Your body can not process calcium without Vitamin D & Magnesium.
Concentrate Liquid Minerals &Amino Acids
Our food is devoid of minerals because crop soil is depleted. Lack of minerals weakens immunity.
Hyaluronic Acid Selection
AHyaluronic acid is the lubricant for bone joints, eyes and more. End the pain.
B12 Complex Drops
Energy levels, mental health, and physical healtn requires B vitamins.
Veggie Caps
Admit it, you don't eat enough vegatables. This is an easy solution.
Pro Biotics
The importance is well understood. No need to pay extreme prices. Save 80% or more.
Colon Cleaner
Your body can not correctly process food without a clean digestive system.
EDTA & Zeolite
Absorbs and removed extremely harmful heavy metals from your body
Magesium Tablets
Most bang for the buck. Magnesium is extremely critical - follow the link to the legitimate studies worldwide.
                                                    Personal PH Test Strips
Internal Body Acid is destructive to cells and organs. Is your body to acidic? Find out quick and easy
Extra Dropper Bottles
Real glass dropper bottles - very handy. Only available with other orders due to shipping costs.
Colloidal Silver, Gold & Copper

To go to Colloidal Page Click Here
Urgent! Why you should stock up on Colloidal Silver now
Get ahead of the ban. REAL colloidal silver never spoils or weakens. Ours is extremely high REAL concentration. Store it for life. 
Colloidal Silver
Real, Concentrated & Stabilized Colloidal silver. Not watered down homemade being sold by others. Not fake 10,000 ppm fraud
Colloidal Gold
100ppm Colloidal Gold made the right way. It is real and legitimate, not homemade like most are selling. 
Colloidal Copper
One of our newest products. Colloidal Copper has a long list of benefits, listed here.
Rocket 88
First ever offer online & at unheard of discount. Won't last long. Most potent Colloidal Silver supplement  in the world.
Colloidal Silver Spray Kits
A new kit we offered, adding a wound/mouth spray. As an intro the price is temporarily slashed to get it known.  
Bulk Colloidal Silver - 6 Gallons 
Overstock production run. Extreme Discount. When over stock sold this sales item is gone. Stock up. Never spoils. 
Colloidal Silver & Jutrian Rx Package Deal 
This the PERFECT combination for health maintenance or for SERIOUS Health Therapy 
Personal PPM Test Meter 
For any liquid. How pure is your water? Time to change the filter?  Is your bottled water really pure? Easy to use.
Weight Loss & Youth

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5 in 1 Skinny Pill
Of the Top 5 Weight Lose Supplements Which one should you use? All of them! Just 1 capsule. 
With Dieting your body slows down your metabolism so you do not burn calories. This solves that challenge. 
Hormone Free HGH
This has been all over TV and the - at extreme prices. Our is extremely discounted 
Rejutac AVH-II
Polls show people now more fear losing their mind than cancer or heart attack. Here's a solution.
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Imported & Gourmet Salts

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50 Gourmet
& Imported Salts
 List of all our Gourmet & Imported Salts - largest selection on the Internet in small kitchen sizes
We offer over 50 Imported Sea & Natural Salts - the secret to any kitchen - at a fraction what other's charge
Imported Pepper (Indian Peppercorn)
"The Spice Of Kings" imported from India. Pre-ground and whole Indian Peppercorn. Make part of your selection.
Most Popular Package Deals
Buy 4 of our most popular 100% natural, ancient Sea Salts packed with minerals. Cut salt intake too.
Special Package Deals
Collects we assembled for special occasions and special interests
Mix & Match
Pick your choices
Make Your Own Package Deal
Pick your choices to make your own package collection
Sea Soak, Body Purification, Himalayan Sea Salt & Dead Sea Salt
We have a couple of combo packs with these products that is quite popular
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Top Informational Topics
Huge Free 35% Food Grade H2o2 Usage Info Page - million+ visitors!
EVERYTHING you need to know of 101+ uses of 35% F.G. H2o2, how to store it, safety tips and much more!
 Why  You Should Use Hydrogen Peroxide in your Hot Tub & Pool instead of deadly pool/hot tub chemicals
Pool & Hot Tub chemicals are among the most deadly on earth & the fumes are unconsciously telling you to stay away from it.
How to fall in love your Hot Tub or Pool again!
You used to love your pool and hot tub? What happened? Why did it change from being your favorite place to a chore?
3% 8%, 12%, 35%, Organic, Food Grade? What is the difference? Which one to buy?
Homebased merchants & con artists have flooed the Internet. Which one should you buy? Which ones are dangerous or frauds?
What is Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide & how does it work?
There is a not of bad information out there. These 2 questions are answered short and easy to understand.
Everything about Colloidal Silver.  The Truth About Colloidal Silver & the 5 types of colloidals
A must-read before buying or using Colloidal Silver. Be an informed consumer about your personal health.
Importance of Cellular Health, a profound & unique perspective
This will change how you look at personal health care (and life) in very real, useful ways.
Urgent Warning About"Organic" Peroxides 
Beware of anyone claiming to sell "organic" food grade hydrogen peroxide. This is very serious. 

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Pure, Natural & Certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to F.D.A. & Chemical Codex Standards
                                 A personal health supply source you can trust since 1983

    Since 1983 we have supplied true and legitimate Certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and other 100% natural health products to over 1,000 independent natural health supplement retail stores in USA, licensed doctors & clinics, alternative and natural health professionals, water treatment facilities, commercial aquariums, dairy farms, commercial fruit and berry growers, veterinarians, plus consumer sizes to personal health conscious customers across the United States.
     Pure Health Discounts is the high volume online merchant for private consumers and supplier to health stores of True Certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen. The reason is simple: what we are offering is known to be pure and real 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide at the lowest prices anywhere.
     Our customers comments are our best endorsement. Click on this link to read just some of them. Some also had interesting usages of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Our customer's reviews are our best advertising of all.
Are You Facing A Serious Health Issue?
 If you are purchasing 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for an internal health issue, the MOST powerful is Guardian Of Eden's Jutrian Rx. It has no equal. Click here for details

THE MOST POWERFUL 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for Internal Health Use
Jutrian Rx by Guardian Of Eden
Angel  Picture  Picture  Picture   
If you are using 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for Internal Use - THIS is what you need.

Click on any picture for details

Click here to visit our Diet & Health Supplements Page
vitamins    b12      hyluronic acid  Trace Minerals Magnesium
Bath, Pool & Spa PLUS SeaSoak & Body Purification
Fall in LOVE with your pool again!
(No more smelling and swimming in Chlorine!) 
For the most relaxing and health bath soak - You'll SLEEP like a baby! 
Did you know that Chlorine (bleach) is one of the 10 most health destroying chemicals in the world?

Did you know the FASTEST Growing Use of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is for Baths, Pools and Spa?

  CLICK HERE to find out why  



Click here for our Colloidals - ON SALE!

All Prices Are the total price including shipping, Hazmat fees when applicable, packaging and handling.

No checkout add-on tricks. No gimmicks.


A special thank you to all those who contribute to the growing knowledge base for usages and benefits of food grade hydrogen peroxide. If you know of an application we do not list, drop us an email. We'd be glad to give you knowledge and give you credit if you wish. Thank you
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