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Why you should stock up on Colloidal Silver
Why these extremely low prices?
The bad news:
Colloidal Silver is facing a permanent F.D.A. ban from being sold

The good news:
F.D.A. do not outlaw having a health supplement, only outlaws anyone selling it.

The best news:
Unlike most health supplements, colloidal silver never spoils or decomposes. You can store it for decades.

Imminent F.D.A. Ban of sales of Colloidal Silver

The F.D.A. increasingly has been banning popular personal choice health and dietary products from being sold. Some of these have been very popular and used by millions of people. When such a ban is imposed, all retail stores, Amazon, Ebay and all other online sales are immediately blocked. Google, Amazon and the search engines also immediately cancel all advertising for the product. In addition, Paypal, Google Wallet and all credit card processors will cancel the account of any merchant who continues to sell the product.

     With an F.D.A. ban, the health supplement becomes instantly unavailable. People may think they certainly can buy more somewhere - and find they can not. However, it is not legal to have or us the health supplement. It just can not be sold. The F.D.A. knows most natural health substances deteriorate, decompose or spoil within 1 to 3 years so see no reason to try to stop people from having or using it as it will expire being usuable eventually anyway.

      We have been in the health and dietary supply industry for decades and there is a consistent pattern prior to an F.D.A. These are the stages leading to a permanent F.D.A. ban.

     Stage 1 of the sequence of a natural health products ban is first the F.D.A. will ban anyone who sells the natural health product from claiming any health benefits of the product, imposing huge fines and potential prosecution against any company that continues to do so. With such an advertising language ban, all legitimate companies will pull all such language from their websites and promotional materials, but continue to sell the product.

THIS STAGE 1 ADVERTISING LANGUAGE BAN HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. It is illegal for any company or person selling colloidal silver to even hint at any specific health benefit.

     Of course, homebased merchant, who typically are selling fraudulent products anyway, ignore the ban on making health benefits claims for colloidal silver since what they are doing is illegal to begin with. This does not mean there are no health benefits nor is it prohibited from discussing health benefits unless it is a product being sold by the company or person making the claim. The ban is based upon the F.D.A. not having approved of the natural health product. Thus the F.D.A. outlaws merchants claim health benefits from the alternative natural health product, but does not ban selling the product itself initially.

     HINT: Regardless of how professional, scientific and expert any website selling colloidal silver looks, if the website claims any health benefits of the colloidal silver they are selling the product is a fraud because making such claims is strictly prohibited. If the merchant will risk tens of thousands of dollars in fines or even imprisonment to break federal law to make money, why would that home-based seller worry if a customer might complain?


     Stage Two is the alternative natural health product is banned in Europe. Stage 2 also has already happened. The government of the EU (European Economic Union, European countries) more regulates health products and is more adversarial to natural alternative health choice products than in the U.S.A. Prior to a natural health product being banned in the U.S.A. nearly always it is first banned in Europe.

    This Stage 2 of the banning sequence also has already happened. Colloidal silver sales in all of Europe are now banned. No one can sell or buy colloidal silver in any European country. It can not even be prescribed by a doctor. This happened without notice and instantly all search engines, stores and mechant sites such as Amazon and Ebay canceled all listings and website advertising of colloidal silver - even in the USA. Until it was clarified this did not apply to the U.S.A. (yet) there were weeks that people in the U.S.A. could not find legitimate real colloidal silver online. With the clarification that the ban did not YET apply to the U.S.A. sales were allowed to be resumed.


     A United States F.D.A. ban then follows the European ban. The F.D.A. is instant and immediately enacted by all search engines, internet stores, Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, Google Wallet, and all other credit card processors.

     Merchants learn about the ban because their listings are immediately canceled and all credit card processing ceases on the product. When inquiring why is when merchants first learn of the ban on sales.

     Stage 1 and stage 2 states above has already happened. An F.D.A. ban on sales (by anyone) of colloidal silver is likely imminent by the history of F.D.A. bans.


     The answer is nowhere other than traveling to Mexico and the quality highly suspect. There will be fraudulent home-based merchants with websites you could find claiming that is what they are selling, but the product will not be what it is claimed. Rather, what they will send will be a 100% fraud and possibly very harmful too. Simply put, after the F.D.A. bans a product you can not buy it anywhere. After this whatever is being sold is a complete fraud.


     When the F.D.A. bans a natural health product they only ban the sale of the product, not having or using it. It is easy for the F.D.A. to police businesses. Trying to fine or jail the millions of people who use natural personal health choice products would be impossible. While bannning sales but not banning having or using a natural health product seems a contradiction, the F.D.A. knows that nearly all health products expire and go bad within a year or two. So they know within two to three years no one will have any left to use. Banning the sale of a health product equates to a ban on usage due to expiration dates.


     Our 120ppm stabilized colloidal silver has no expiration date because it will not spoil or decompose. This is how colloidal silver differs from other natural health products. It never expires, loses potency or spoils.

     Stocking up for a lifetime on a personal choice alternative natural health product generally is impossible since nearly all expire, spoil or lose their potency within one to three years. This does not apply to colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is such a powerful biocide that it can be stored for decades, even centuries, and it will not spoil, weaken or decompose. It is a more powerful biocide than even alcohol and it is known alcohol with a high alcohol percentage is still good to drink hundreds of years later if sealed. (This does not apply to low alcohol content drinks such as beer or wine, nor applies to very low concentration colloidal silver.)

     Our colloidal silver can be stored for decades and longer. It will never spoil. Never weaken. Never lose potency. Since useage is measured in drops and there are 300 drops per ounce, a gallon will last a very long time - particularly for how high the concentration of our colloidal silver is. It is 400% more concentrated than 30ppm and 600% stronger than 20ppm. That means using 1/4th to 1/6th as much. 1 gallon of our 120ppm stabilized colloidal silver equals 4 to 6 gallons of 20ppm to 30ppm colloidal silver.

     While their are homebased merchants offering 250ppm, 500ppm, even 10,000ppm that they label as colloidal silver, it is worthless and a fraud - just being silver dust or even no silver at all mixed with water and a clear liquid such as glycerine or gelatin. It has no value whatsoever and it will spoil quickly to being unsable even if it was not fake.

     You should stock up if you MIGHT someday want colloidal silver. You can store it virtually forever with no deterioration. A gallon will last you a year or longer of usage. 4 gallons would likely last a lifetime for how concentrated it is.

      There are natural health products we have sold in the past that have since been F.D.A. banned. Literally millions of people could no longer by it from any legitimate business and only fraud products by home-sellers available. Customers would urgently ask us where they can still buy it and the answer was they can not by the real product anywhere at any price. However, there will be fraud websites by fraudsters who put of fast websites with fake and dangerous products they mislabel, preying on people still seeking the natural health aid.

     It takes approximately 3 months to product the stabilized colloidal silver we sell. It is the most potent and effective colloidal silver you can find and is the only stabilized colloidal silver offered for public sale online. Stabilized colloidal silver is 20 times more potent and does not adversely interact with other health supplements. We had a huge production run done to give people an opportunity to stock up prior to a ban by being able to offer gallons of colloidal silver at unheard of low prices. We have thousands of gallons ready to ship.

    Take advantage of this if you think you might ever want colloidal silver. When the ban comes you will not be able to buy real colloidal silver anywhere, rather only fraud products falsely called colloidal silver. The colloidal silver you purchase from us will be good even years and decades from now. With on purchase at a fraction of retail you can have an personal stock that will last a lifetime.

    When the ban hits, this huge inventory we have becomes worthless to us. The ban may come tomorrow, next week, next month or next year - there will be no warning. So we are selling off the bulk of our inventory very cheaply until it drops to normal sales and production levels. At that time our prices will go back up to our regular (though still discounted) prices.

     While we continue to offer colloidal silver in the U.S.A. as long as it remains not banned in the U.S.A. (We can not ship to Canada or Europe as it is illegal to sell it there), these extremely discounted gallons will sell out quickly. If you see another company offering this at about the same discounted price please be aware we do the warehousing and shipping for a short list of other companies. When the excess runs out for us it also ends for those companies too.

    Once we have sold the excess inventory over normal sales volume, the prices will return to their regular prices. When the ban comes all sales will cease.

     The summary is simple. If you might ever want colloidal silver, now or 20 years from now, buy it now.

     Buy more rather than less. This quality has never been sold at this low a price and likely never will be again. Buying the equivalent of 6 gallons of 20ppm in 120ppm concentrated gallons for under $100 is unheard of. Our colloidal silver also is stabilized colloidal silver, which is 20 times more effective and can be used with your other natural health supplements.
 To order a gallon of 120ppm Stablized Colloidal Silver Click Here

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