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     The website for Ultra Silver(TM) has pages and pages of links about colloidal silver, but no picture of the ingredients statement nor anywhere on the entire website does he state the ingredients. Dozens of pages with links to more, but no room to stated the actual ingredients. That alone should set off alarms.

      However, Amazon started requiring merchants to show a picture of the ingredients statement and for this he put of a picture of the whole back, virtually impossible for anyone to read. Most Amazon merchants added a picture of just the ingredients section of their label to comply. Ultra Silver(TM) by Bountico, Inc. instead put up the whole back and in notably low resolution. It would appear every attempt is made to keep potential buyers of their outrageously priced product to be able to read the actual ingredients. ANY person of ANY intelligence knows that silver is a metal, not a protein. Nor does he even say which protein.
Photos from Ultra Silver(TM) by Bountico Inc.'s Amazon listings*
*Photos & Pricing from Bountico' Inc.'s Amazon listings on April 29, 2017

     We cropped the ingredients out his Amazon listing (explained below) and enlarged it to confirm our warning. Do not just take our word for it. The actual picture is below.

     Notice the tiny print stating "protein" is one of the ingredients.
Silver is not a protein, there is no protein in colloidal silver, nor does he state which protein. Which protein? There are literally MILLIONS of different proteins. But not one of those proteins is silver.

     This is a deceptive product seeking extremely gullible people to fall for it and pay the absurd price for this mystery product that is not 10,000ppm colloidal silver. Maybe it is 10,000 ppms of the secret "protein?" This product is an outright grotesque deception.
       We cropped and enlarged the ingredients section from his Amazon listing. We did not resize his Amazon pictures or change the resolution. He does not show the back on his website, despite massive volumes of pages:
    Protein? Silver is not a protein. What protein? Glycerin? Gelatin? Vegetable oil?
      Also, there is no such thing as "pharmaceutical grade silver." There is no medical grade or pharmaceutical grade silver. Pure silver is pure silver.
     This is the most extreme example of deceptive and dangerous marketing of a health supplement product we have ever since for colloidal silver.
     Unlimited greed as well. The price he tries to get for just 4 ounces of this worthless deception? $149.95.
     At $149.95 to $399.95 a bottle, it would take only a tiny percentage of people to fall for this to make a huge profit.
The website also states the product is brown. Water is not brown. Silver is not brown. Colloidal silver can not be brown. Some things are obvious if a person thinks of it.
The great P.T. Barnum circus promoter once said, "There is a sucker born every minute." This appears the concept behind this product, its outrageous claim of 10,000ppm colloidal silver and even more outrageous price.
Sadly, there are people who are truly desperate and others who are easily tricked. Please help spread the word about this. Such ploys hurts everyone because they make all products online suspect and this invites government intrusion. Please help spread this warning to others. Thank you.
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