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Understanding Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
A simple explanation of what food grade hydrogen peroxide is and how it works
What Is Hydrogen Peroxide?
    Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the purest non-toxic natural chemicals. The chemical definition is "h2o2." Hydrogen Peroxide has 2 atoms of hydrogen (h) and two atoms of oxygen (o). H2o + 0 = h2o2.
     Being a chemical, hydrogen peroxide is not an organic substance. Anyone claiming to offer "organic" hydrogen peroxide is making a false claim. "Organic" peroxide is explained below and is a very dangerous substance.
Hydrogen Peroxide is Water + Oxygen (Water + Oxygen)
   To understand how hydrogen peroxide works is to understand its two core elements: Water (h2o) and oxygen (o).Stated simply, hydrogen peroxide is water with an extra oxygen molecule. Neither hydrogen nor oxygen are toxic.
    In simple terms, hydrogen peroxide is oxygenated pure water - two of the most essential of all elements.

How Hydrogen Peroxide Works?
     Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the most commonly used chemicals. How can such a simple natural chemical work so powerfully? The answer is the extra oxygen atom. Hydrogen peroxide is only a semi-stable molecule. The extra oxygen atom is only loosely attached. If that oxygen atom can be released, the result is an energy release of pure oxygen. At the level of a single molecule, the energy released is enormous and the oxygen has 1000 times more volume than when in the liquid form of a hydrogen peroxide molecule.
     This break-down of the hydrogen molecule is called "decomposition." The result is the h2o2 converts to pure water (h2o) and pure oxygen (o) in a high energy release at the molecular level.  
What Causes Hydrogen Peroxide To Release Oxygen?
       Hydrogen peroxide is only semi-stable. When it comes into contact with certain organic and other substances, the hydrogen peroxide molecule will decompose, releasing one of its two oxygen atoms. The working element of hydrogen peroxide is pure oxygen - literally pure oxygen.  What remains is pure water. Pure water. Pure oxygen.
The Power of Hydrogen Peroxide Is the Power Of Oxygen 
       When a hydrogen peroxide molecule contacts organic substances, it releases its oxygen molecule and energy. Pure oxygen is a powerhouse. The resulting energy and pure oxygen will destroy virtually any virus, bacteria or fungus it touches by pure oxygen and the energy released. But your cells and organs thrive on oxygen. The power of hydrogen peroxide is the power of pure oxygen being released at the cellular and molecular level.   
How Can A Little Amount of Liquid Hydrogen Peroxide Have Much Effect? 
      There are many reasons that hydrogen peroxide is called the miracle substance. In liquid form, oxygen is approximately 1000 times more concentrated than in gaseous form. However, it is only in gaseous form that it is useful. For example, we breathe air, while is gaseous. Accordingly, 1 drop of hydrogen peroxide equals 1,000 times as much oxygen in the form we use it (gaseous). Even a small amount of hydrogen peroxide has a massive amount of releasable oxygen.  
Demystifying the word "peroxide"
     "Peroxide" is a chemical term with a simple meaning. "Peroxide" means any molecule that has 2 bonded together atoms of oxygen.
     Thus, the reason it is called "hydrogen peroxide" is because it has two atoms of hydrogen (h2) and two bonded atoms of oxygen (o2 or "peroxide"). Thus, it is called hydrogen peroxide - two atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen bonded together into one molecule, which is chemically defined as h2o2.
What Is "Food Grade" Hydrogen Peroxide?
This is CRITICAL to understand before buying food grade hydrogen peroxide 
     In just the last few years, the Internet has been flooded with no-ethics people filling bottles in their kitchens or garages, sticking on a label and calling it "food grade hydrogen peroxide." A few are so willing to say anything to get you money they even will go so far as to label it "organic food grade hydrogen peroxide" - which does not and can not exist since neither water nor oxygen are "organic."
     "Food grade" as referred to in all studies and publications does not mean whatever anyone wants it to mean. Rather, Food grade hydrogen peroxide exactly means it meets U.S. F.D.A. standards for being safe to use with food. 99+% of hydrogen peroxide manufactured does not.
Part 184, Subpart B,
Direct Food Substances affirmed as generally
recognized as safe Sec. 184.1366 Hydrogen Peroxide
Subpart B--Listing of Specific Substances Affirmed as GRAS
Sec. 184.1366 Hydrogen peroxide.
    "Food grade" specifically means it was manufactured to F.D.A. standards at F.D.A. registered facilities and subjected to F.D.A. testing and inspections. Someone filling a bottle in their garage or kitchen and sticking a label on it reading "food grade" or "organic food grade" does make this true.
     "Food Grade" has an exact meaning. It means the hydrogen peroxide meets United States F.D.A. standards to be safe to use with food (processing, sanitizing, preserving etc.) It is CRITICAL to ONLY use FOOD GRADE for any health application. Horrifically, increasing numbers of home-based merchants are filling bottles with extremely harmful industrial hydrogen peroxide, rebottling discount store hydrogen peroxide or anything else, and then slapping a label on it selling it as food grade hydrogen peroxide. Such other grades of hydrogen peroxide are cheap and contain extremely harmful heavy metals, chemicals and stabilizers.

Most Hydrogen Peroxide Produced Is Not Food Grade 
        Hydrogen peroxide can not be homemade as manufacturing is very complex. Less than 1% of hydrogen peroxide produced is food grade. To manufacture hydrogen peroxide for industrial usage, the goal is to produce it as cheaply as possible and for it to be as stable as possible. Numerous heavy metals and dangerous chemicals are used and added - called "stabilizers." These stabilizers are extremely damaging if ingested.
      Production of food grade hydrogen peroxide accordingly is far more costly, but it is the only form to use for health application purposes. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is only produced in 35% and 50% concentration (consumers may not buy 50%) and only by a few multi-million dollar major facilities.
How Do You Know If Hydrogen Peroxide Is Food Grade? 
       The majority of listings now online for food grade hydrogen peroxide are mislabeled home-filled bottles, extremely dangerous, and not suitable for any health or internal usage. Internet sales fraud is tempting because it is easy. A corrupt person can buy bottles of cheap hydrogen peroxide at a discount store for a $1. Then pour it into another bottle, put a food label on it saying anything, and sell it on EBay or Amazon for $24.95 as food grade. Who you buy health products from online is now more important than want you buy due to the dangers of false health products used internally.
Over 80% of health products sold online are complete frauds... 
     A recent study revealed that over 80% of health products sold online are complete frauds made by home-based sellers. They prefer to use marketing websites such as EBay, Itsy, Amazon and others due to such marketing venues do not allow businesses to provide contact phone numbers or space for company information prior to purchasing. However, some also build highly professional appearing websites using free website templates. Such home-based con artists will make any claim and false labels to get people's money. It is very serious and growing problem.  
       Unfortunately, you can not taste the difference between food grade hydrogen peroxide and industrial peroxides with health destructive stabilizers, which is much cheaper to buy. Home-based merchants and  con-artists know you can not tell the difference. Never purchase hydrogen peroxide from home-based bottlers, merchants who do not have phone numbers or any other source you do not have good reason to trust. You can not tell by what the label looks like, what promises are made or how profession the website appears. You have to explore the company itself.
Would "Organic" Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Be Safest? NO! NO! NO!
Severe Warning About
Organic Peroxide
All forms of organic peroxide are deadly toxic
Organic peroxide is a petroleum product
    Anyone claiming they are selling organic food grade hydrogen peroxide is lying. There is no such thing as organic food grade hydrogen peroxide or any other organic form of hydrogen peroxide. Remember, hydrogen peroxide is simply water (h2o) plus an extra oxygen atom (o) equally h2o2. Neither water nor oxygen are organic. 
      Contrary to what some home based merchants/bottle fillers claim in their listing and on their labels, NO publication recommends ANY form organic peroxide for health usage, even if anyone claims otherwise. Organic peroxide is EXTREMELY  health destructive.

     There is no such thing as "organic food grade hydrogen peroxide." Hydrogen peroxide is not an organic substance. Nor is any hydrogen peroxide made from plants. Contrary to advertising claims, NO publication recommended "organic" food grade hydrogen peroxide since there is not such substance - and organic peroxide is one of the most cancer-causing and deadly chemicals made. Such claims are 100% false and are just con artist false claims.

      Organic peroxide is a petroleum product. Basically it is complex benzene with extra oxygen atoms attached to make it a powerfully destructive oxidizer for industrial purposes and to make military explosives. While it also is an oxidizer (as many chemicals are), benzene in one of the most deadly, cancer causing and DNA destroying of all petrochemicals. In lay terms, organic peroxide is a benzene-based chemical of highly complex structures of "free radicals" - the last thing you want to put into your body, on your body or even breathe the fumes of.

      Organic peroxide is deadly. It will destroy any cell or damage the DNA of any cell it comes into contact with. Elements of the organic peroxide also can become trapped in the fatty tissue of your body (we all must have some fatty tissue) causing worsening lifelong health devastation. Benzene causes cancer. While it is legal to sell organic hydrogen peroxide, using it for health purposes would be more harmful than drinking paint thinner, diesel fuel or acetone for health purposed. Again, organic peroxides are all petroleum products and very health destructive. The reason they are called "organic" is because petroleum (oil) is considered organic due to its origins being from decayed ancient life.

     We have more information on organic peroxide here. NEVER use organic peroxide for any possible health application or even breath the fumes. Remember, ANYONE claiming they are selling "organic" food grade hydrogen peroxide" is falsely advertising. There is no such thing as organic hydrogen peroxide because hydrogen peroxide is not organic. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is just water and oxygen that have been combined loosely into a single molecule.
What About The Different Concentrations About?
     We added a whole section on this for how important it is. But to put it in the shortest way possible, if it is not 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide it is not food grade.  
35%, 12% 8%, or 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Which Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide should you buy and use?

Reasons To Buy Only Certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Summary of why you should never buy 3%, 8% or 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
1. It is not really food grade. "Food Grade" is a standard set by the U.S. government assuring the hydrogen peroxide is safe for human consumption. Nearly all other hydrogen peroxide contains extremely health destroying stabilizers and heavy metals.  Actual government standards food grade hydrogen peroxide is far more costly.
    Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is only manufactured by a few major companies in the United States. It is only manufactured in 35% and 50% concentrations. Only 35% may be sold publicly. No company manufactures 3%, 8% or 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide. 3%, 8% and 12% peroxide is sold online by home-based merchants filling bottles in their kitchen or garage, though build websites to make them seem to be a real company. Their putting "food grade" on the label does not make it food grade. 3%, 8% and 12% hydrogen peroxide likely contains heavy metals and other chemicals as stabilizers that lodge in the fatty tissue of your body and will destroy your health over time.
2. Most 3% is just rebottled from discount store bottles of hydrogen peroxide.
It is not food grade, but rather cheap peroxide with large amounts of exceptionally harmful stabilizers if used internally.
2. 3%, 8% and 12% is extremely expensive for how much hydrogen peroxide it has in it. Such merchants hope you only look at how many ounces of liquid are in the bottle, not how much hydrogen peroxide it has. Yet it is only the hydrogen peroxide that offers any benefit. A 16 ounce bottle of 3% for $8 dollars may sound like a bargain, but you actually are paying over $250 a gallon if compared to 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, that costs about $50. In terms of actual hydrogen peroxide content, 3%, 8% and 12% cost you two to five times as much as 35%.
The Truth about Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide: 3%, 8% and 12%.
    OUR CREDENTIALS: We have been offering Certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide online since 1983. We supply certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to over 1,000 independent natural health supplement retail stores in USA, to licensed doctors & clinics, alternative and natural health professionals, water treatment facilities, commercial aquariums, dairy farms, health spas and swimming pools, commercial fruit and berry growers, ranchers, taxidermists, veterinarians, plus consumer sizes to health conscious people across the United States. The reason is simple: what we are offering is pure and legitimate. Most hydrogen peroxide now being sold on other websites, EBay, Amazon and other marketing sites is not.  
Bottles labeled 3% and 8% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a homemade product sold online 
      In the last couple of years dozens of people have started offering what they label as 8% and 3% "food grade" hydrogen peroxide on websites, Amazon and EBay. Some go on to claim that 8% and 3% is as good or even better than 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. What is the difference between 35%, 8% and 3% - and are all 3 really "food grade?" No. Only 35% is actual food grade.
      This page has been added to address a real problem with home-based merchants filling bottles in their kitchen calling it 8% or 3% "food grade hydrogen peroxide." Why do these sellers offer 8%? Because selling highly diluted 8% hydrogen peroxide at extreme rip-off  price gouging is extremely profitable at your expense. All they have to do is find a way to talk you into it.
     8% hydrogen peroxide has 1/5th as much actual hydrogen peroxide in the liquid. By diluting 35% to 8% they can make 5 times as many bottles from 35%. This radically increases their profit.
3% Hydrogen Peroxide and EBay 

     The reason home sellers started advertising 12% is become EBay will not allow selling 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. We do not sell on EBay. No hydrogen peroxide sold on EBay is food grade and all such listings are false. This also should tell you something about businesses selling what they falsely claim in 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide on EBay. On Amazon they make different claims and use different labels. If they sell mislabeled, fraudulent products on EBay. why would products they sell elsewhere be any different?
Hydrogen Peroxide volume difference of 35% and 8%

8% Hydrogen Peroxide has 80% LESS Hydrogen Peroxide than 35%
*Why the 8% bottles are not marked "Food Grade" in this picture is explained below 
     Those who understand Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide understands the price gouging rip-off and real dangers of buying what is called 8% "food grade" hydrogen peroxide.
How most 3% & 8% is made
                       A COMPARISON EXAMPLE
     Image a fella who had a food stand at the weekend flea market. Among other product, he sells milk and fruit juices. To maximize his profit he buys empty bottles and caps online from a bottle company. He then buys generic milk and fruit juices at a Save A Lot store.
    In his kitchen, he pours 1/5th of the milk (less than a quart) into each gallon milk jug. He fills the rest of each jug with water. Then he prints off a professional looking label on his computer printer, sticks in on and falsely labels it "Borden's Reduced Fat Milk." He does the same with the fruit juices, diluting each with 80% water, putting on a label falsely reading "Dole Reduced Sugar Fruit Juice." Even if the food stand and the labels look very professional, it is still is a scam, a rip-off and unsanitary.
Do you think that person would even use Burden's milk and Dole to dilute from, or the cheapest he could buy? (Of course, he dilutes ketchup, soups & sauces too.)

Cost Comparison
They want you to believe it is the size of the bottle that matters, but what matters is the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the bottle. If it is watered down 80%, that means you are getting 80% less hydrogen peroxide.  
Here is a practical example of the typical price comparison
$40    $25  $25  $25  $25  $25 
     Like the example watering down milk, juices, condiments and so forth, a watered down product is NEVER a savings. In this comparison, which is the typical price difference ratio, for undiluted 35% you pay $40, but would pay $150 for the same amount of hydrogen peroxide in 8%.  3% is even worse being diluted over 1000%!
What is really in those bottles of 3% and 8%?

      Real food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is only manufactured in 35% and 50% concentration in U. S. government inspected facilities. "Food Grade" means it is certified as safe to use with food to F.D.A. standards - meaning not having deadly manufacturing toxins and chemicals in it. Most hydrogen peroxide is manufactured for industrial usage and is not fit for consumption or contact with skin.

Because of the higher production and inspection costs, true certified "food grade" costs 200% to 300% more than many industrial hydrogen peroxides with such toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, you can not taste or smell a difference.

     If someone bottling in their home is diluting the concentration by 80% to maximize his profit, would that person also use a cheaper hydrogen peroxide to still double or triple their profit again - since they know you could never tell the difference?

 By diluting the hydrogen peroxide by 80% and also using industrial hydrogen peroxide instead of real food grade, these home-bottlers offering "8%" are cutting their costs by up to 1000%, thus increasing their profit 1000%. This is their motive - virtually a pure profit.
It is not real certified Food Grade 
     We have tested many samples of what is labeled and sold online as 3% and 8% food grade hydrogen peroxide. All but 2 did not have "food grade" hydrogen peroxide in the bottle. Over half were less than even 8% concentration. That meant all but two had health destroying stabilizers.
Who is doing these online marketing deceptions?
    People in their apartments, college students in dorm rooms, garages and kitchens. Drug addicts seeking money a way possible. Sadists who want to hurt people.. People looking of fast money anyway possible. People who believe they are really clever and willing to do anything to get a dollar. Anyone can make a professional looking website or put a listing online, print professionally looking labels and buy empty bottles and caps. It is virtually free money.
     Some just put up a listing on Amazon or EBay. Others will make be a huge website with dozens of links to YouTube videos, cut and paste studies, write a free online self-written book and overall portray himself as an expert. To seem impartial, the person will have a "where to buy link" and intensely urge you to buy 8%. The "Where To Buy" products links takes you to Amazon for his own homemade 8% at massive markup and diluted 80% with water - or is taking an affiliate sales percentage home-based bottle filler he made an affiliate deal with.

         All legitimate publications & studies are only about 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
      35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is exactly what is recommended in The True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Pathway to Wellness by Mary Wright, One Minute-Cure by Madison Cavanaugh, Dr. Rowen's Second Opinion Newsletter, Dr. David G. Williams, Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle by William Campbell Douglass II, and Hydrogen Peroxide & Ozone by Conrad LeBeau. All legitimate studies cited for decades ONLY discuss 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Not 12%. Not 8%. Not 3%. There is a reason all legitimate materials, studies and authors ONLY recommend 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. No publication would ever recommend any organic peroxide for any health usage as it is deadly toxic.
What is 35% FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide?
This is important to know
     35% FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE is a legal standard set by both the U.S. government and the food industry. There are only half a dozen manufacturers in the U.S.A. capable of and approved to manufacture FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide. It must meet exact U.S. government and food industry standards, including inspections, sampling and testing. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can not be homemade or produced by a small company.
    Specifically, "FOOD GRADE" means it is safe to use with food (why it is called "food grade") - meaning safe to go in or on your body. Since skin is porous, it also means it is safe for your skin in terms of not having toxins. Food grade hydrogen peroxide also cost as much as 300% more than other versions of hydrogen peroxide even in large volume purchasing.
     Most hydrogen peroxide is made for industrial usage. To maximize self life, minimize production costs and to met various industrial needs, they contain very dangerous heavy metals and other harmful substances and stabilizers that can be stored permanently in your fatty tissue and cause long term health devastation. Unfortunately, you can not taste or smell the difference.

A study by the United States Food & Drug Administration revealed that over 80% of health and dietary products sold by home based sellers - despite professional looking websites - does not contain even 1% of what is claimed. Literally people are filling bottles and capsules in their kitchens, garages and dining room tables with anything cheap and then falsely labeling it whatever they want to claim.
     If someone is going to go to great lengths to do a price gouging sales pitch on you to make an extreme profit per bottle, do you think that person would pay 300% more for actual food grade, when for 1/3 the price he could use industrial grade without you knowing the difference and double or triple his profit again?

   Virtually none of the 12%, 8% and 3% being sold online on websites, Amazon, EBay or elsewhere is "food grade." It is cheap and very harmful industrial grades. You can not smell or taste the difference. The home-based sellers know this. Many of those industrial grades have heavy metals that are very long term health destructive and cause cancers, brain damage, and many other damages to a person's health as they are lethal additives for industrial usage only and NEVER for human consumption or contact.


     When buying ANY health or dietary product online, WHO you are buying from is the most important issue of all. Anyone can have a professional looking website and print a product label. But what is really in that bottle?

 We have been selling 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide online since 1983 and are the largest consumer supplier of certified 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in the USA. We supply hundreds of retail health stores, laboratories, corporations, government agencies and are the highest volume supplier to consumers.

     We do not like issuing warnings as they are a distraction from our website and information. Most people do understand that diluted products are actually far more expensive and suspect in general on quality. Most people knowledgeable of healthcare products know not to buy from unknown online sellers. But not everyone does. In real terms, people's lives - literally their lives - are at risk with bogus and contaminated homemade and home bottled health products. This also puts the reputation of true certified food grade hydrogen peroxide for health usage at risk.
     If you are measuring out drops, using extremely low concentration 8% and 3% is a real chore and error prone.
       Measuring drops of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide...
     The True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Pathway to Wellness
by Mary Wright, One Minute-Cure by Madison Cavanaugh, Dr. Rowen's Second Opinion Newsletter, Dr. David G. Williams, Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle by William Campbell Douglass II, and Hydrogen Peroxide & Ozone by Conrad LeBeau all speak of adding drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to add to water 2 or 3 times a day for internal peroxide therapy.  
     Having to count out 30, 60, 90 or as many as 200 drops each time 2 or 3 times a day for low concentration leads to estimating after a while - and makes no sense since per actual hydrogen peroxide content 35% cost less anyway.
Comparing how many drops of 3% and 8% you have to count out to equal the same
amount of hydrogen peroxide intake as real 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

35% Hydrogen Peroxide @ 8 drops 8% Hydrogen Peroxide to equal 8 drops of 35%
If 3 times a day - counting out only 24 drops
Full concentration is fast, precise & easy
If 3 times a day - counting out 120 drops
3% would require counting out 276 drops per day
RECAP of Why You Should Not Buy 3%, 8% or 12% Hydrogen Peroxide
1. 3% and 8% are not food grade regardless of what the label states. Cheap industrial grades contain very harmful heavy metals and stabilizers. If the online seller also does not even offer to sell 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide then you know they seller also does not have 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to dilute to 8%. Remember, it is only manufactured in 35% and 50%. If the seller does not have 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide then  obviously the seller does not have 35% food grade to dilute to 8% or 3%.
     Almost none of 8% and 3% being sold online is actually food grade, despite being labeled "Food Grade." Again, if the seller does not also offer 35% food grade food grade hydrogen peroxide along with their 8% or 3%, is almost certain what they are selling is NOT food grade.
2.) It is a massive price gouging markup. Even if it is food grade (unlikely), it is EXTREMELY expensive. As another analogy, suppose you someone advertising gold for $500 an ounce. Since you know it sells for over $1000 an ounce that seems a great bargain. But when you get it? It is 80% lead. So it was not a good deal after all. It was a rip-off. That is basically the same for 8%. 35% concentration is 500% more concentrated than 8%. It is 1,150% more concentrated than 3%.
An actual example of the huge price markup of 8%
      Unfortunately, there is now a new huge "TRUTH" website with massive amounts of cut and paste links and information, claiming to tell the truth about hydrogen peroxide. The reason for the huge amount of info the website attempts to convince you the person is truthful and knowledgeable. That is a very clever marketing tactic of a serious sales rip-off of radically diluted 8%.
     On the home page that merchant also urges people to NOT buy 35%.
Instead, that person urges people to buy extremely watered-down 8% from links he has on his website that he profits from. Don't fall for it. This page lists the many reasons why to not buy 8% hydrogen peroxide labeled as "food grade."
     There also is the obvious question, isn't there? What is a legitimate reason for anyone to radically diluting (watering-down) a product other than hoping some people do not understand the difference and anything but a marketing ploy to radically increase their profits?

What if you want only 8% or 3% Concentration?
     Diluting true 35% to 8% or 3% is simple. You save over 80% doing it yourself as you are not just buying mostly bottles of water - and you know someone has not tampered with the hydrogen peroxide in their kitchen or garage.
     Here is the simple method of dilution to make any concentration you want from 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. It generally does not have to be 100% precise. Ideally use distilled water, which is about $1 a gallon at the grocery store, but filtered water would be acceptable. If  you are going to use it at the time, tap water is fine - or into any liquid you are going to use just after adding drops.

     To dilute 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to 8%, just use 5 parts water to 1 part 35%. For example, 1 cup of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and 5 cups of distilled water will make 8%.
      The ratio for 3% is 11 to 1. 11 parts water to 1 part 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Mary Wright, author of The True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path to Wellness. 

      There has been an alarming increase is people selling diluted industrial grades of hydrogen peroxide online and this is reason for deep concern. These industrial grades of peroxide contain health destroying stabilizers and chemicals that are odor and taste free. Hydrogen peroxide users should only buy from known sources.
    There currently are only 5 companies selling consumer size quantities of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide online that I am confident of the integrity of their products. Pure Health Discounts is one of these. They has been in business for decades and is one of the most respected companies in the alternative health industry.

 Mary Wright

While there is no perfect safeguard, here are three to watch for.
1.   Does the website or company have a contact phone number? Most fraudulent sellers are here today-gone tomorrow to get the money and run. Every real business has a phone number and customer representatives. Fraud sellers do not want people to have their phone number. NEVER buy ANY product you will put in or on your body unless the business has a live contact phone number.

2.   Do not believe anyone telling you to not buy 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. It means they do not have 35% food grade, so therefore could not make a reduced concentration. If the website has a link of where to buy it on Amazon, that is a product of that person who has the website pretending to be a neutral 3rd party expert. Exactly NO person knowledgeable in food grade hydrogen peroxide would urge against 35%.

3.   For lower concentration Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, does the person also sell 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide? If they do not have 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, they have no food grade to dilute from as ALL food grade hydrogen peroxide is only manufactured in 35% and 50% concentration. 50% is not available to home-sellers. They can not make 8% food grade hydrogen peroxide if they do not have 35% to make it from.

4.    Does the merchant offer large bulk quantities? Chemical companies will not deliver drums of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to homes, apartments or dorms. You can not phone a chemical distributor and have a 50 gallon drum of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (or nearly any other chemical) delivered to a residential address. If the merchant can not offer a volume of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, it means you are buying from a residence.
Help spread the word... 
Fraudulent home-based sellers of health and dietary products are flooding the Internet on websites and sales sites such as EBay and Amazon due to the extreme profits they can make - often virtually pure profit. Some are quite skillful in deception.
     The danger is not just of people getting ripped off. These are products people are putting into their bodies for their health benefit - some facing very serious health issues - and relying that the product is pure and that ingredients are what they are claimed to be. They are using for food, cleaning their homes and washing. Most industrial peroxides contain extremely health damaging additives. Unfortunately, the majority sold online are not legitimate (or safe).
     If you discuss health products in general or Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide specifically with others or online, please help spread the warning signs for people to watch for. This is important for people's health, to insure that legitimate products remain online and to reduce the likelihood of government intrusion into people's personal choice in their own health and wellness.
     Thank you and best wishes.
Only buy 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
     We do not enjoy posting warnings as they are a distraction. However, preserving the reputation of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is vital to preserving it being publicly available. Even more important, bottles falsely labeled "food grade" can be very lethally long term health destroying.
    Do not pay extreme prices for highly diluted hydrogen peroxide of unknown grade someone is filling in their kitchen sink. There are few legitimate companies online that do sell true 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. But 90+% of listings you find online are not actually "food grade" and generally highly diluted home-filled bottles.

     To order legitimate certified 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide from a proven source you can trust since 1983 and the #1 supplier to brick-and-mortar health supply stores, click here.

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